‘Seraph Of The End Season 3’ Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

This is a vampire-themed action anime that depicts the story of an oppressed human race in a world ruled by the vampires. Seasons one and two of the anime were both aired in the year 2015.

Wit Studio provided the animation for the two seasons. The studio is well-known for its work on the Attack on Titan series’ first three seasons, OVAs, and feature films. Seraph of the End: The Beginning of the End was a special episode that aired between the first and second seasons.

Owari no Seraph: Kyuuketsuki Shahar, the series’ sole OVA, was released on May 2nd, 2016. Despite the fact that it was released a year after the second season, the tale takes place prior to that time.

Both seasons feature their own omake specials, which are short comedy sketches based on altered moments from the original anime. Seraph of the Endless is the name given to these one-offs.

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Serpent’s Wings: The Final Season

The story of Seraph of the End is based on a manga by Takaya Kagami and Yamato Yamamoto, with storyboards by Daisuke Furuya. Kagami wrote the manga and Yamamoto illustrated it. Shueisha’s Jump SQ began publication in September 2012, and it hasn’t stopped since!

In addition to the manga, the series has spawned three light novels that tell the tales of the series’ secondary characters. The first is Guren Ichinose: Catastrophe at Sixteen, Seraph of the End, which came out in January of this year.

As of December 2015, the second light book has been released, which is named Seraph of the End: Vampire Mikaela’s Story. Last year, Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose: Resurrection at Nineteen was released as a light book.

When Will Season 3 of Seraph of The End Be Released?

Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger, and since then, fans have been wondering if Seraph of the End will return for a third season. We’ve all been waiting for so long because of the source material.

At the time of filming, the first two seasons of the author’s work have largely covered all of the material that has been released thus far. Because of this, the second season of production was halted.

Furthermore, the author has continued to post additional chapters since then, which is fantastic news. There are more than 40 new chapters, thus Seraph of the End Season 3 will have plenty of material.

Wit Studio has yet to clarify whether or not Season 3 of Seraph of the End will be produced, so eager viewers will have to wait for the time being.

Seraph of The End’s Scheme

Set in 2012, a mystery virus wipes off everyone above the age of 13 in the world. Vampires emerged during this time and began enslaving men, promising to protect them in exchange for their bloods, as they began to subjugate humankind.

Our heroes Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya are among the lucky ones. Together with other children from the orphanage, they devised a plan to flee, but it was a colossal failure. Mikaela made the ultimate sacrifice so that Yuuichirou would be able to flee.

A military force called the Moon Demon Company rescued Yuuichirou from the clutches of the undead. Yuuichirou, now a member of the Moon Demon company, is resolute in his desire to avenge the deaths of his family members by the vampires.

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The Seraph of The End Casts

In addition to her role as Koushi Sugawara in the Haikyuu!! series, Miyu Irino also played Yuuichirou Hyakuya (Miyu Irino).

Tetsuya Kuroko in the Kuroko’s Basketball series played by Kensho Ono, who also appeared as Mikaela Hyakuya.

His name is Guren Ichinose (Yuuichi Nakamura, who also played as Satoru Gojou in Jujutsu Kaisen)

Shinoa Hiiragi Shinoa (Saori Hayami, who also played as Yukino Yukinoshita in the Oregairu series)

The Great Pyramid of Krul (Aoi Yuuki, who also played as Madoka Kaname in the Madoka Magica series)