Report Racial Drama Brewing at ESPN Between Rachel Nichols …

A tricky situation has arisen at ESPN after a recording of a phone call from last year was leaked, putting two of the network’s most prominent female announcers against one another. The controversy began when ESPN management chose Maria Taylor over Rachel Nichols to serve as the network’s initial host during last year’s NBA Finals broadcast.

Nichols was so disappointed that she called LeBron James’ longtime advisor Adam Mendelsohn to vent about how the network chose Taylor over her due of pressure to improve its record on racial issues.

Report Racial Drama Brewing at ESPN Between Rachel Nichols ...

Prominent Female Announcers Against One Another.

“May Maria Taylor have endless success in all she undertakes,” Daily Kos provided a transcript of what Nichols stated in an interview. By the way, I do know personally from the female side of it, so if you want to offer her more things to try since you’re feeling pressurised about your awful longtime record on diversity, go for it.

You should look for it somewhere else. “You will not acquire it from me, nor will you steal my own. According to the Times, a hidden camera in Nichols’ room allowed her to appear on television from the NBA locker room as she made her choice. A video server at ESPN headquarters stored the content, making it accessible to anyone with internet access.

According to reports, at least one person filmed a copy of the ruling on a cellphone, and word of its contents quickly travelled across ESPN. According to the days, ESPN only penalised a digital video producer who admitted to sharing the footage with Taylor with ESPN’s human resources department. The Black female producer was given a two-week suspension without pay and has subsequently resigned.

As Nichols put it, she was “unloading to a lover about ESPN’s procedure, not about Maria” when she spoke of the network to the daily newspapers. She claims she tried calling and texting bent Taylor but never heard back.

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Taylor has continued to host the network’s “NBA Countdown” pregame show despite the ongoing friction between the 2 during the current NBA season. Nichols’s whole appearance was prerecorded so that the hosts wouldn’t have to talk to each other. According to the Times, before the start of the playoffs in late May, there was a heated conversation on a call between ESPN executives and broadcast professionals.

Officials warned that no reporters would be permitted on air if Taylor persisted in her opposition to having Nichols appear in real time. The network eventually went in the opposite direction. There are “few meaningful steps” to succeed in a replacement deal for Taylor with the network, which is consistent with the days. His current contract is set to expire in just three weeks. ABC will begin broadcasting the NBA Finals between the Suns and Bucks on Tuesday.