Marriage Requires Amnesia

Many problems can be solved by marriage, but it also causes countless additional problems. Loneliness can be alleviated or exacerbated by marriage. When you’re in a relationship, you can feel both stronger and weaker than your actual state of being. Marital bliss can range from a peaceful meditation retreat to an illicit tryst, to a long lunch with the most monotonous human on the planet. As a result, no two weeks are exactly the same as one another.

Immediately following my breakdown, I tell Bill that I will be taking some time off to recharge. I’m exhausted from trying to keep everyone together. Bill sincerely regrets his actions. Traveling has been difficult for him, he admits. His knee is hurting because we’ve been walking so much. Since Melbourne, he’s told everyone we’ve met how a piece of hard bread broke his tooth, which he’s done on a regular basis.

When I say, “I remember,” I really mean it, because I’d rather not.

An amnesia recollection button, a damper, some blinders, some bumpers, ear plugs, and a nap are all necessary for a successful marriage. Delete these tales, misplace the tape, pull back the camera, and let the screen go black. I’m spending more time in my head lately. My daydreaming has increased.

In order to make it through a marriage, one must practise self-care, spend time alone, get away, meditate, and be selfish. Walking around the island by myself with headphones on and bird poop pelting my shoes, I tell myself that I can’t blame him for being overly sensitive. Because he’s a human being with flaws, I can’t be angry with him. When I point the finger at him, I feel guilty and then begin to blame myself for my own mistakes. However, I’m only human, and as such, I have flaws.

They can use their phones as long as they want after dinner in their hotel room, Bill and I tell our kids after a few nights on the island. After that, we have a drink and gaze out at the ocean without their presence.. We discuss the day’s events from the perspective of each child: What did the older one dislike about it today? How did the younger one feel about this?

My goal is to get Bill to be more like me: to let go of the reins of power. Relax. Let these birds chirp away, and they’ll soon go back to their normal routine. It only gets worse if you treat them as if they’re doing something wrong.