Late Night Tackles the Will Smith ‘Hitch’ Slap

An “objective observer” tells us, “It’s never acceptable to punch a comedian.” COBERT STEPHEN

The joke offended Will Smith, and he wanted to fight back against his wife. Fine. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t laugh at Chris’s antics. I promise you it hurts more than a punch. COBERT STEPHEN

It’s also worth noting that no one did anything. Nobody in the entire room raised a sigh of relief. Spider-Man, Aquaman, and Catwoman were all present and sat on their hands. Chris Rock had no one to lean on. The late Jimmy Kimmel

“This is something we will never stop discussing. It was a shocker. There’s only one time I can think of when Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s ears that I can really compare it to. As far as Kanye West was concerned, “You went onstage and did what at an awards show?” The late Jimmy Kimmel

This year’s Academy Awards were won by Oscar de la Renta, but in a split second, they were won by Oscar De La Hoya. — JIMmy Fallon

First live performance of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” from the Disney musical “Encanto,” was performed at the 94th Academy Awards last night, followed by an incredible live performance of “We Don’t Talk About Jada.” the late Seth Meyers

“Will Smith has never done anything worse than that. It’s “Wild Wild West” that I’d forgotten about. COBERT STEPHEN

No, I’m not serious. “Gemini Man” is the most egregious act he has committed. Both of the characters in that movie should be slapped.” COBERT STEPHEN