Late Night Has Plenty of Virgin Jokes

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Taking Up Space Richard Branson’s weekend excursion into space with his firm Virgin Galactic was the first in a series of scheduled trips by billionaire entrepreneurs, and late-night hosts couldn’t resist making fun of it.

These are strange times, when it’s safer to go to space than on a Carnival cruise, don’t you agree? Jimmy Fallon joked in his monologue on Monday.

Late Night Has Plenty of Virgin Jokes

“Yes, you read that correctly; Virgin Galactic sent the first goatee into space.” According to Jimmy Fallon

Branson took two pilots and three of his workers, as you say. Space travel is awkward compared to taking an elevator with your boss. Quoted from: “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

When I saw Branson take off, I felt a little emotional. Seeing billionaires realise their goals is inspiring. FALLON JIMMY

However, I was pleased for him. When a multibillionaire leaves at the speed of sound, it’s usually because they’ve been linked to Jeffrey Epstein. FALLON JIMMY

To put it simply, Branson beat Jeff Bezos to space. And that’s why when Branson arrived home, he saw a small flaming Amazon delivery sitting on his front porch. FALLON JIMMY

The Punchiest Punchlines (Virgin Jokes Edition) (Virgin Jokes Edition)

To my knowledge, no virgin has ever accomplished anything in less than one hour, but that’s because the flight on Virgin takes around an hour. Former “Jimmy Kimmel Live” co-host ARSENIO HALL was a recent special guest.

To be fair, for a first-time space traveller, Branson did very well, considering his mission lasted only around four minutes. FALLON JIMMY

Technically, Branson’s aircraft made it to the edge of space, but the Virgin Galactic crew just floated around for four minutes. He barely went in and lasted for a few minutes? I guess we can call her a “virgin” now. Author: STEPHEN COLBERT

“You read it correctly; the plane travelled more than fifty miles into outer space. The airline Southwest found out and thought it was no big issue. One of our pilots nodded out last week, and so we did that. According to Jimmy Fallon

The speaker said, “Eighty kilometres? Nothing to talk about during a cocktail party. T. S. Meyers

You can’t claim to have dunked because you touched the net. When Branson says, “Yeah, I’ve been to Texas,” it turns out he just changed aircraft once at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. This is SETH MEYERS.

“Richard, please contact me when you’ve landed on the moon. I was surprised he didn’t phone me yesterday, considering he surely has cell coverage in that area. T. S. Meyers

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We Can’t Wait for Tuesday Night’s Episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” because Richard Branson will call in fresh from space to chat with Colbert.