Jeannie Mai Net Worth, Life, Career, Biography and More

Actress Jeannie Mai is well-known in the United States and around the world for her work in television. Additionally, she’s a highly sought-after makeup artist known for her work in the fashion industry. She has hosted numerous television programmes.

In 2006, she hosted Character Fantasy, one of the show’s most popular segments. Style Network’s ‘How Do I Look’ hosted by her in 2004 made her a household name.

On July 15th, 2013, she began hosting a discussion show called The Real, which she co-hosts. Look into Jeannie Mai fortune with the help of the information provided in this profile.

Jeannie Mai net worth

Jeannie’s $120,000-per-year salary is a significant part of her total assets. Brand endorsements reportedly brought Jeannie Mai an estimated $4 million in earnings.

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Jeannie Mai Sponsorship Agreements

Brands such as Woolite and Macy’s Splenda are among the most prominent ones she has endorsed, as are Colgate and Yoplait. The sum of all of these things adds up to a sizable portion of her total net worth.

Jeannie Mai Education

Jeannie Mai attended Milpitas High School in her hometown, where she earned her high school diploma. She graduated from De Anza College with a degree in communication. Her early years were certainly not easy.

She had to start working at an early age to help support her family. When she was just 16, she was their go-to interviewee. In addition, she began to experiment with cosmetics.

Jeannie Mai First JobĀ 

At the tender age of 18, Jeannie Mai landed her first job as a make-up artist. MAC Cosmetics gave the 40-year-old actress the opportunity to work as a make-up artist.

It was in San Jose, California, that her professional career began. In a short period of time, she became a sought-after model for makeup artists working with celebrities. A major breakthrough came when MTV offered her the opportunity to appear on their show, Total Request Live.

She worked as a makeup artist for celebrities for MTV. Later, she was a part of popular shows including KCAL Los Angeles and Good Day Sacramento.

Jeannie Mai Career

In the year 2003, Jeannie began her hosting career. But she had to go through a round of auditions first. She landed a role on ‘Stir’ as a co-host.

On the California Music Channel, Jeannie Mai was given the opportunity to host her own music show later in life. She became a producer in a short period of time. As a former reporter for WB’s The Daily Mixx, Jeannie Mai has covered a variety of stories.

At the height of her success, in 2005, the actress presented the USA Network’s prime time show, Character Fantasy. Along with fashion and entertainment displays, she was involved in the planning of these events. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about NBC or TLC; Jeannie has hosted on all of them.

Jeannie Mai had a memorable year in the professional arena in 2008. TLC’s Miss America Reality Check and Makeover Special Dude were both hosted by Miss America Reality Check at the same time.

The highlight of her year in 2008 was when she was named the face of the renowned cosmetics line Never Accepted Ordinary.

In 2011, Jeannie also served as the host of the much-anticipated Miss Universe contest. She, too, was a high-profile participant in NBC’s weight-loss show. The Biggest Loser later hired Jeannie Mai as a fashion consultant.

On the reality show Next Top Model of Asia, she served as a guest judge. As of right now, she’s GSN’s go-to host for shows like “Style Pop On.”

Jeannie Mai Marriage

During the year 2017, Jeannie Mai’s spouse split from her. Freddy Harteis is the name of her husband. In both cases, the breakup has been made public. According to the rumour mill, their breakup was caused by their children.

Jeannie had made it clear from the beginning of their relationship that she was not interested in having children. Jeannie Mai has had a profound effect on her capacity to deal with fame and adversity.

As a concrete example, the way she dealt with her relationship difficulties is admirable. Her grace and excellent perception have made her a favourite among the younger generation.

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Jeannie Mai Family

On the 4th of January 1979, Jeannie Camtu Mai was born. San Jose, California, is where she was born. When it comes to her parents’ children, Jeannie is the oldest. In addition to her parents, she has two brothers named Daniel and Dennis.

Both are considerably younger than she is. Los Angeles was where she grew up. Because her parents were Buddhists, she was raised as one as well. In the end, she became a Christian when she was baptised. Jeannie Mai is of Vietnamese and Chinese descent.

This is due to her Vietnamese father and Chinese mother. James Mai is the name of his father, and TuTram Mai is the name of his mother. Jeannie Mai is an American actress, host, and make-up artist who is well-known in the industry.

She has a salary of $120,000 per year and a brand endorsement deal for $1 million per year.