‘Food Wars Season 6’ Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Season 5 of Food Wars is here! In September 2020, Shokugeki no Soma will be over. An incredible 8.9/10 on IMDB and an 8.19/10 on MyAnimeList for the anime adaptation, the phenomenally successful series has retained its appeal for several years.

Shokugeki no Soma: The Fifth Plate’s epic cooking battle made it unlikely that Food Wars would return for a sixth season after that. Let’s see if we can figure it out. Soma Wars: Shokugeki no Soma is an adaptation of the manga series by Yuto Tsukada.

According to the premiere of this season, Food Wars appears to be ending! At the time of this writing, the manga has sold more than 20 million copies, and the anime version is still one of the most popular shows.

While the final episodes of season 4 presented a summary of this goal, the first episode of season 5 made no mention of it at all, seasons 4 and 5 decided to cut down this notion to its bare basics.

Megumi’s victory was summarised in bullet points, which may have been a good thing considering the frenzied nature of the 8-vs-8 Shokugeki tournament.

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Food Wars Season 6: Shokugeki no Season?

One of the best anime shows ever produced is Food Wars. Among MAL’s top 100 most popular shows of all time, it even made the cut. Souma’s narrative was enthralling from the start because he learned to cook delicacies he had never even heard of.

It grew in size with each new film. Shukugeki no Souma’s MAL group has more than 1.3 million members, making it the 51st most popular. The anime has also been well received by many viewers.

On MyAnimeList, all four seasons have a MyAnimeList rating of 8 or higher, and the fifth season is 7.33, which is also excellent.

Food Wars Season 6 Shokugeki 

What if the Fifth Plate didn’t make use of all of the original source? If that’s the case, Food Wars Season 6 should have been resurrected at this point. Due to a lack of information, many fans are unsure what to expect in the next sixth season.

As a bonus, they wrapped out the fifth season with a satisfying conclusion. Then they will not be pleased if the length of the plot is increased. There are consequences if you don’t quit viewing this show.

The absence of a third season is clearly a regrettable oversight. In our opinion, there will be no further seasons of the show. However, there are always surprises in anime.

Why was Season 6 of Food Wars! cancelled?

For a long time, fans wondered why the show was cancelled by the studio. J.C. Staff may have continued the show for a few more seasons given its popularity and revenues.

It was broadcast in September 2020, over strong objection. In one instance, the studio was forced to shut down the show because of a shortage of supply material.

Taking advantage of the manga’s last curve, the fifth season hid the main story points. As a result, the show had to be cancelled by the producers. From April to September of next year, the remaining episodes of the season were originally slated to run.

As a counter-balance, the discontinuation of the authentic manga collection should lead to a cancellation of the animation as well. Anime adaptations are typically used to promote the original source material in the marketplace.

Season 6 of Food Wars has been cancelled for unknown reasons. While their original stuff is on the road, they exist solely to tell the tale. Studios hand over the project after the completion of their particular L.N. collection or manga.

The producers would not be able to make as much money from the adaptation if they didn’t supply any material. Shokugeki no Soma manga writer Yto Tsukudathe has ended the manga series, therefore Food Wars Season 6 would have no new stuff to advertise.

What Was Shokugeki no Soma Season 5 Finale Like?

A wide range of reactions from supporters to the season’s conclusion were expected. Because their favourite show is ending, some people are saddened by this news. It’s time to say goodbye to another amazing series!

The five-year run of Food Wars has come to an end with a moving finale. I still have a special place in my heart for the series as I remember it from when I first saw it.

Soma and Erina’s romantic relationship has piqued the interest of many admirers, who want to see more of it. The five-season run of “Food Wars” has now come to an end. I found that to be a lot of fun, too.

What a thrill it had been to be on this ride. For once, I hope Soma would acknowledge her height and call herself “a tall Erina,” as the case may be. There is no more show. In response to one fan’s request, “Give me the Ova of that or anything else!”

Others, of course, believe the conclusion to be inadequate.

Food Wars’ main storyline! Sword of the Soma: Famine! Shokugeki no Soma is based on Shun Saeki’s illustrations for YtoTsukuda’s manga of the same name. Soma Yukihira, a high school student at TotsukiSaryo Culinary Institute, is the protagonist of the show.

In Tokyo, Japan, the institute is regarded as one of the best culinary schools in the country. Only a tiny number of students are accepted each year.

Food Wars’ main storyline! An anime series based on the Shokugeki series
His father’s restaurant, “Restaurant Yukihira,” plans to employ Soma Yukihira full-time as a chef.

However, Joichiro is offered an opportunity to tour the world and close his firm, which means that Yukihira has to take over the family business for a few months.

When Soma Yukihira takes on some of the world’s best chefs, the story follows her. He aspires to make a name for himself while also honing his skills.

There’s a war going on in the kitchen! One of the cast members of Shokugeki no Soma
An alphabetical list of actors who have taken on the role of these characters may be seen below.

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Food Wars characters

  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka voiced by Soma Yukihira
  • Minami Takahashi voiced by Megumi Tadokoro
  • Maaya Uchida voiced by Yuki Yoshino
  • Ai Kayano voiced by Ryoko Sakaki
  • Natsuki Hanane voiced by Takumi Aidini
  • Kengo Kawanishi voiced by Shoji Sato
  • Saori Oonishi voiced by Hisaka Arato
  • Junichi Yanagita voiced by Daigo Aoki
  • Shizuka ishigami voiced by Ikumi Mito
  • Bryson Baugus voiced by Takumi Aldini

The first five seasons of “Food Wars” are currently accessible in their original Japanese audio and English subtitles on Crunchyroll and other visual media.

In addition to Netflix, which offers the first three seasons with English subtitles over the original Japanese audio, HiDive also offers the first season.