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Season 16 of The Bachelorette is officially here, and while the show’s typical May premiere was pushed back a few weeks, fans are eager to see what all the fuss is about, as well as a switcheroo that we’re wanting to witness. While Clare Crawley’s season has yet to be fully revealed, we do know one essential aspect of what will happen. To begin production for the series’ long-delayed 16th season, the La Quinta Resort & Club in La Quinta welcomed Crawley and presenter Chris Harrison, along with 31(ish?) eligible bachelors. One of the competitors in particular drew Crawley’s eye. Crawley’s first impression rose went to Dale Moss, the subject of Crawley’s affections.

Spoilers suggest that she may have stepped down from her role on the show or been persuaded to do so by the producers in order to devote more time to her connection with him. New footage suggests that Harrison encouraged her to leave. And based on the Season 16 debut, it’s safe to say that Moss and Crawley hit it off right away. Of all, it’s impossible to blame the Bachelorette for falling for a man like Moss. He’s a model, philanthropist, and former football player who’s about to steal the hearts of Americans everywhere.

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Dale Moss Age

In September, Moss turned 32. Crawley is 39 years old. In the end, age is just a number.

Dale Moss Height

His NFL profile lists his height as 6’3″ and weight as 215 lbs (or he did when he played football).

Dale Moss Net Worth

The figure is somewhere between $1 million and $5 million. His entrepreneurialism is said to be responsible for most of his wealth. While playing in the NFL, his annual pay was estimated by Spotrac.com to be between $420,000 and $482,000.

Dale Moss Achievements

Prior to The Bachelorette, NFL star Dale Moss was a household name.
As an unsigned free agent, Moss spent time on the practise teams of the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, and the Chicago Bears after playing one season as a wide receiver at South Dakota State University (where he had a full basketball scholarship).

There are very few Bachelorette contestants who have their own Wikipedia page. At The Game Plan, his guests included sportsmen and business leaders to discuss the state of sports and how they might “achieve personal and business progress.” The fact that he has a history of dealing with the media suggests that he is well-prepared for the onslaught of attention that awaits him. He was rewarded for his efforts. Clare Crawley’s first impression was a good one..
It was clear to Crawley that she wanted to spend more time with Moss, so she gave him her first impression rose in the season opener.

 Dale Moss Career

Having eyes like that, it’s no surprise he went from football to modelling, where he’s signed by Wilhelmina and has worked as a creative director for Under Armour, Hugo Boss, Express, and United Airlines, among others. Oh, and he was a Party City Halloween costume model. Dale Moss…might come close to being flawless.

A lot of his time is spent discussing race and how it has affected him.
Moss was born to a white mother and a black father, and he has three sisters, all of whom are multiracial. His conservative hometown of Brandon, South Dakota, where he grew up, disapproved of his parents’ union. In an interview with The Odyssey, Moss revealed that among other things, this was the reason his father was rarely present in his life as a child. As a child, he noted, “My father is black and my mother is white, so we had to deal with a lot of racism.” Because she married a black man, my mother’s side of the family shunned her.

Dale Moss family

That conversation, Moss said that he chose South Dakota State University over other schools because his mother was diagnosed with near-fatal liver failure and he wanted to be close to her. As a result of her mother’s transplant, Moss came to believe that “there is more out there and God has a plan for all of us.” It’s hardly unexpected that Crawley fell in love with someone who shares her views on family and the role they play in her life.

As a result of his elder sister, Amber, who has both an intellectual and a physical disability—his ambassador page on the Special Olympics website notes that she was in the Special Olympics in South Dakota and Moss enjoyed to cheer her on from the stands.

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Dale Moss Personal Life

A professional golfer with over 50,000 Instagram followers, we believe Dale Moss’ rumoured ex-girlfriend Seema Sadekar a.k.a The Golf Fashionista is also interested in sports. For how long or when Sadekar and Moss were together is unclear; according to Life & Style, they were last seen together three years ago, before Moss relocated to New York.