Conflict Quickly Emerges Between Top Prosecutor And Police Commissioner

However, such arguments are not rare. Whether or not there is sufficient evidence to make an arrest is a frequent source of contention between police and prosecutors. The arrest is the end of the line for the police, while the prosecution must either establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt or come up with another strategy. However, it is unusual for such criticisms to be voiced in public, much less so early in a new administration.

Conflict Quickly Emerges Between Top Prosecutor And Police Commissioner

Conflict Quickly Emerges Between Top Prosecutor And Police Commissioner

When asked about Mr Bragg in recent interviews, Adams called him a “great prosecutor” and declined to critique the memo. No one from the mayor’s office got back to us right away with a remark. One police official claimed the memo “speaks for itself.”

Both Democrats, Mr. Bragg and Mr. Adams, have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, and both have vowed changes. Former federal prosecutor and primary candidate Mr. Bragg promised to strike a fair balance between security and justice. Mr. Adams is a former police captain who spoke out against police violence and advocated for reform while he was on the force.

Mr. Bragg is the first black person to head the district attorney’s office, Mr. Adams is the second black mayor in the city’s history, and Commissioner Sewell is the first woman and third black person to command the police department.

Last Words

Mr. Bragg instructed his prosecutors in a document to only ask courts for incarceration or jail time in cases involving murder, sexual assault, or large economic misdeeds, unless the law specifically prohibits such a request. unnecessary to do so. He has promised that those with similar backgrounds will be referred to services better able to address the conditions that drove them to criminal behaviour.

The new district attorney also told his prosecutors not to charge him with several misdemeanours. Mr. Bragg told his employees not to file multiple offences that had previously been charged, including resisting arrest, because many of the charges on his list were already being tried against his predecessor, Cyrus R. Vance Jr.