XBox One Won’t Turn On Guide

When you push the power button on your Xbox One, it does not come on? Are you concerned about the XBox One Won’t Turn On ? There’s nothing to be concerned about! You’ve come to the correct place, my friend.

We’ll walk you through the steps to fix Xbox One Won’t Turn On in this guide. The console can be started using one or more methods without any problems.

Microsoft’s branded gaming console, the Xbox One, was released in November of last year. This console has numerous applications. Playing their favourite games, watching TV, etc. are all common uses for the device.

However, you can only do these things once it is turned on. As frustrating as it is, there are occasions when hitting the power button repeatedly fails to turn the console on.

Some people blame your power supply, while others point to faulty power cables or other issues. You can learn more about it by reading the parts that follow.

A large number of Xbox One owners may be found in countries around the world. Even while Xbox has produced numerous other devices, only the Xbox One is a stand-alone system.

Among the many things you can do with your consoles is download video games or play online with other players. Xbox One Won’t Turn On is one of several issues we’ve encountered while trying to use the machine.

If you push the console’s power button, nothing happens. Even after re-examining it, the problem persists. If you think your console is completely ruined, you’re wrong.

However, it may happen even if hardware fails or the power lines have been broken. Let’s take a closer look at what’s causing this problem.

Related Issues to Xbox One Not Powering On

I can’t get my Xbox One to turn on, although it is making noises. It’s one of the best ways to get around this issue is to restart the Xbox One. Eject the console if it hasn’t started and is still listening to the sound.

Also, inspect the cables and replace them if necessary. However, the Xbox One Beeps: The most basic technique is to perform a console hard reset.

If the problem persists, turn off your Xbox One and leave it unplugged for 10 seconds. If you’ve been using the same power cables for a long time, it’s time to replace them.

On/Off Switch on and off Xbox One: Most of the time, when our console becomes overheated, it turns itself off and back on frequently. As a result, to keep our Xbox One from overheating, we must install adequate ventilation.

You must first unplug the Xbox One’s power cords from the outlet and power supply before attempting to restart it. Reconnect the power cords to the outlet and wait a few seconds before doing it again.

Connect the console’s power cable next. Once again, the console powers up without a hitch.
Make sure both ends of the power cords are disconnected from the Xbox One (console and wall outlet).

Wait at least 10 to 20 seconds before continuing. Finally, connect the power cord to the outlet and power supply by following these steps: Your console should be turned on if the light is not blinking.

Try connecting your Xbox One to a different power outlet to see if that fixes the problem. This issue can be resolved by using the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter. Also, if your console has any power difficulties, fix them so that it will start up without a hitch.

How To Fix an Xbox One That Won’t Start: A Quick Guide

The following are the most basic solutions to the Xbox One Won’t Turn On problem. Simply follow the directions provided and you’ll be good to go.

1. Perform A Power Supply Check

A bad power supply is the most common cause of Xbox One failure. A power outage will prevent the devices from starting at all if it occurs frequently.

You should always check your console’s power supply whenever you notice a problem with it. Repair any problems you discover to ensure a smooth start-up of the console.

2. Check The Controller

Xbox One Won’t Turn On issues might be caused by a faulty controller. Try turning on your Xbox One by pushing the power button on your console to see whether your controller works properly.

In order for the console to start, the controller must be working properly. As a result, in order for your controller to work properly, you must replace the batteries. Finally, shut down and restart your console and controller.

Using a USB cable, connect your controller to the console if the console won’t switch on on its own. Check to see if it’s running or not by pressing the power button on the console. If not, you’ll need to buy a new one to swap out for the damaged one.

3. The Power Strip 

Power strips are commonly used by consumers to safeguard their electronic gadgets against damage caused by an unstable power source. Check to see if it is turned on and functioning properly.

In order to rule out the possibility that the Xbox One Won’t Turn On is a result of a power strip, examine the other electrical devices that are powered by this one. If your console won’t switch on, it’s because something else is preventing it from doing so.

Several different approaches to resolving the Xbox One Won’t Turn On problem are provided in the next section.

How To Resolve the Xbox One Won’t Start Problem

Try these more complicated techniques if you’re still having trouble after attempting the more straightforward ones.

To begin, you must first reset your power supply. Resetting the console’s internal power source has been recommended by several users as the best way to get it up and running. To accomplish this, you’ll need to

Remove Your Xbox One Console, Power Supply Unit, and Wall Outlet’s Power Cables

At the very least, you’ll have to wait for ten seconds. Connect Your Console’s Power Cord To Your Wall Outlet. After Pressing the Power Button, Make Sure the Console Is Turning On or Not.

Make Sure There’s Enough Airflow

When we use our smartphones, computers, laptops, and gaming consoles for extended periods of time, they all begin to heat up. It also overheats if we don’t give it with adequate ventilation.

If you have an Xbox One, this could happen as well. Your console will overheat if the airflow is poor. Thus, the Xbox One Won’t Start issue is created. Because of this, it is best to keep your console in a cold, well-ventilated area to dissipate the heat.

Use a different wall outlet in step three.
When everything else fails, make sure the wall outlet is working properly. Maybe your console isn’t working properly because of a problem with the electrical outlet it’s attached to.

To find out, try connecting your Xbox One to a different wall outlet at work. Check to check whether the issue persists after turning the device on.

Your electrical connections may be to blame if the problem persists. To ensure that all electrical devices work as expected, make sure that the fuse or circuit board has been repaired.

Fourth, make sure your console settings are correct. Do you still have this issue after making any changes to the console’s configuration?

After then, make sure to look at your computer’s auto-shutdown settings. If it’s already on, you’ll have to shut it down.
Save and exit the configuration.
In order to get the console up and running, press the power button.

Verify Your Computer’s Hardware

Sometimes, despite the fact that the lights are on, your console won’t switch on. When your console’s motherboard is damaged or fails, this problem is most likely to occur.

There is no other option but to replace the motherboard if that is the case. Once you’ve installed the new motherboard, check the console to see if it’s working properly.

What’s going on with the Xbox One Won’t Start issue? Afterwards, head over to the official support page.

What’s Wrong With My Xbox?

To get your console to start up when you click the power button, there are a variety of reasons. Inappropriate power supply units, damaged power lines, overheating and the controller’s batteries failing are just a few examples.

If My Xbox One’s Power Supply Fails, How Do I Know?

We’ve got some quick and dirty methods for determining whether or not your power source is up to snuff. Solid white or solid orange console lights indicate that the power source you’re utilising is in perfect working order.

Overheating occurs automatically if you play video games for long periods of time. The Red light on your console is now blinking, and it will continue to do so until the gadget cools down.

It’s best to replace the console if the power button is completely red, as this indicates a problem.


As a result, Xbox One customers can quickly and easily fix the problem and restart their console. Performing routine maintenance on your desktop PC or gaming console might help you avoid issues like these.