Will Smith on King Richard And his Secret Career Fear

I recently learned that Denzel surpassed all other Black actors in nominations with this one. Therefore, as soon as we finish talking, you may expect a blog article on the subject. Washington received his tenth Oscar nomination on Tuesday for his work in “The Tragedy of Macbeth.”

Also related to Denzel Washington, I was told that two Black actors fought for the best actor prize for the first time in 2002. Twenty years have passed since Washington’s “Training Day” won that year, and here you all are again.

Will Smith on King Richard And his Secret Career Fear

Just How Do you Feel About That?

It’s odd, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this to anyone. On both previous occasions when I was a nominee, though, I ultimately fell short to actors of African descent. Denzel beat me once, and then Forest Whitaker did.

It’s weird, because I was just having this conversation with my wife Jada [Pinkett Smith] about the lack of diversity among Oscar candidates through the years, and I said, “I’ve only ever lost to Black performers!” [Laughs].

Do you have Any Word From the Film’s Helmsman?

Sure, we got in touch this morning. How peaceful and nice he is. I told him, “Man, your film got nominated for best picture, and a number of your performers also got nominated. Feel free to laugh at me if you like. Really, he is the epitome of modesty and joy for the success of others. What I appreciate most about him is that he seems to put himself last. And that, even on the set, is a part of the magic of what he made.

With the release of “King Richard,” your biography “Will,” your new Disney+ documentary on the planet, and the upcoming adaptation of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” you’ve had a very busy and productive last year. With this honour bestowed upon you, how do you intend to rejoice?

As a means of celebration, we go on to develop something new. We always remind ourselves how lucky we are to be able to call this our profession. It’s as if each day were a festival honouring the privilege of existence.

Not in the sense of “grind, grind, grind and celebrate,” at least not in my mind. Let’s just give thanks for the chance to do this, because an attitude of thankfulness is central to my theory on how to achieve big success. I don’t see the need in scheduling special party times.