Why Did Anna Cockrell Get DQ

On Tuesday night at the Tokyo Olympics, Anna Cockrell was disqualified from the women’s 400 metre hurdles finals (ET). Disqualification news about her swiftly swept via social media, with many users expressing confusion about the official reasoning behind her elimination.

Why Did Anna Cockrell Get DQ

Why Did Anna Cockrell Get DQ

Many were confused by Anna Cockrell’s disqualification because she didn’t appear to commit any obvious breaches, and the broadcasters didn’t offer any explanation.

The solution is obvious: Anna Cockrell broke the rule that athletes must stay in their lane by crossing it.

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Sydney McLaughlin won the gold medal in a world record time of 51.46 seconds, however NBC later verified on broadcast that she had violated a lane rule.

Silver medalist and 2016 Rio champion Dalilah Muhammad came in just.02 seconds behind McLaughlin.

Anna Cockrell, a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, posted a timing of 54.17 seconds in the 400m hurdles semifinal on Monday, qualifying him for the final. She finished behind Femke Bol, who ultimately won the bronze medal.

First-time Olympian Anna Cockrell seemed to place seventh in the race won by Team USA’s Sydney McLaughlin, who set a new world record with her time of 51.46 seconds.

Olympic champion Dalilah Muhammad of the United States finished second in 51.58 seconds, while Femke Bol of the Netherlands earned third.

Anna Cockrell’s Indiscretion in Leaving her Lane During the Race has been Verified.

the athlete was disqualified for a lane infraction (Technical Rule 17.3.1), which stipulates, “each athlete shall maintain within their designated lane from start to finish.”

Obviously, I expected a different outcome. Despite my dissatisfaction, I am keeping my head held high. I’m proud to have made my loved ones, my community, and the me of 2019 that had given up on joy proud of me.

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Last Words

Mclaughlin finished just 120 milliseconds ahead of Muhammad, but they were both in a very close race. Her time in the women’s 400-meter hurdles event was likewise a new world record. Thanks for reading Why Did Anna Cockrell Get DQ.