Watch This Summery, Soapy New Drama Starring Nicole Kidman

Greetings, Serious Observers!

“Field of Dreams” will be adapted for television by Michael Schur, Peacock announced today. Timely!

Please Have a Good Week

I’m a fan of shows in which wealthy people yell at each other and are depressed.

There are nine people in this book who are absolutely perfect strangers.

There will be three episodes released every Wednesday on Hulu, with new episodes being released every week after that.

“Big Little Lies,” which premiered in 2017, still looms large over our lives. “Nine Perfect Strangers,” a David E. Kelley adaptation of a book by Liane Moriarty, is one of the more successful shows that have followed in its lush shallowness. There isn’t just one central mystery to solve in “Nine,” as there are numerous subplots and backstories to explore, so there’s less of the “if they don’t solve this murder in a satisfying way, I will be mad forever” pressure, and more room for character growth.

The ethereal Masha (Nicole Kidman) provides seclusion and healing at a culty, ominous wellness retreat in “Nine.” Melissa McCarthy plays Frances, a melancholy author. I can’t help but feel sorry for Napoleon (Michael Shannon). Sadness and insecurity go hand in hand for Carmel (Regina Hall). “Tony” (Bobby Cannavale) is inconsolable and irate. Is there anything in these smoothies that I’m missing?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Agatha Christie, this is your chance to get your fix of Goop-spoofing, “Lost” parodies, and a dash of white people blogging about ayahuasca. “Margaret, does Michael Shannon sing a song from ‘Grease’ in this or what?” I know what you’re thinking OK, so he does, right?

Our desire for emotional chaos increases in direct proportion to the level of finesse with which the table is set, and “Nine Perfect Strangers” captures the dirty delight of a dinner party gone horribly wrong. No matter how many episodes air between now and September 22nd, “Nine” will always be a classic summer show, soapy and fanciful yet meaningless.