Vicente Fernandez Net Worth, Life, Career, Biography and More

About Victor Fernandez

Victor Fernandez is a well-known Mexican performer in the arts of acting, singing, and directing. Vicente Fernandez has won three Grammy Awards, eight Latin Grammy Awards, fourteen Lo Nuestro Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his extraordinary contributions to the music industry.

Vicente Fernandez’s net worth has been estimated at an impressive sum. It is estimated that Vicente Fernandez amassed a wealth of $25 million from his professional career as an actor, singer, and producer, as well as being a Mexican actor, singer, and producer.

Through his numerous Latin films, theatrical performances as a vocalist, and various albums and tours, he built a substantial wealth.

It’s safe to say that the Mexican artist has a posh and opulent lifestyle as a result of his considerable financial success.

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Vicente Fernandez Early Life

Vicente Fernandez Gomes is the artist’s full name. Huentitian El Alto, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, is where he was born on February 17th, 1940. In the year 2021, the actor will be 81 years old, and his zodiac sign will be Aquarius, just like the actor.

He’s a Mexican native. In addition, Ramon Fernandez and Paula Gomez de Fernandez are the actor’s parents. When it came to schooling, this actor dropped out of school at the age of five.

Vicente Fernandez Professional Career

In the spring of 1966, Javier Sols, a well-known traditional singer, died. Finally, he was offered a recording deal by the recording label of CBS Records International’s Mexican affiliate, Discos CBS.

Vicente’s debut album, “Perd├│name“, was published in 1966. His current record deal is with Sony Music Latin, part of Sony Music Entertainment.

After starring in the film “Tacos al Carbon“, the singer became an actor.

A 1974 soundtrack, “La Ley del Monte“, was also brought along for the film. In 1991, he gave up on his dream of becoming an actress. The charro, an embroidered coat, and a sombrero are required attire for every ranchera performance.

He lost his father in 1970, right before he was scheduled to perform on stage. However, he proceeded to act so order not to disappoint his audience.

Critics were comparing him to other popular ranchera performers such as at the conclusion of the night.

Vicente Fernandez – A little more about his career history

In 1998, despite the kidnapping of his oldest son, he resumed his trip. On the other side, his kid was released in exchange for $3.2 million after four months.

Over the course of 35 years, he has released more than 50 CDs, and he claims to have recorded more than 300 songs.

In the studio, a performer spends 12 to 13 hours working on up to 18 songs for an album. Fernandez is the same way, taking one day off and then reporting to work the following day as well.

Twelve tracks from this album were selected by him and his producer. “Volver, Volver” was the Mexican singer’s first big hit, released in 1972. “15 Grandes con el nmbero uno“, his first million-selling album, was released in 1983 as well.

The singer’s first tour outside of the US and Mexico began in 1987. For the tour, Fernandez went to Bolivia and Colombia. The singer declared his retirement on April 16th, 2016, while giving his final concert at Estadio Azteca.

When it comes to the Partido Revolucionario Institucional, he has been involved for many years (PRI). As far back as 1929 to 2000, and again from 2012 to 2018, Mexico was under its dominion.

As part of Carlos Salinas de Gortari’s “Solidaridad” campaign, the singer was one of the musicians involved. At PRI rallies and events, he has even performed.

Estos celos” was sung at an official occasion for former Mexican President Enrique Pea Nieto.

Vicente Fernandez Personal Life

The relationship status of Vicente Fernandez is unknown. A married man, Vicente Fernandez is the husband of Maria del Refugio Abarca Villasenor. However, the actual date of the wedding is unknown, however, it is believed to have taken place in 1963.

Alejandra Fernandez, Alejandro Fernandez, Gerardo Fernandez, and Vicente Fernandez Jr. are the names of the couple’s four children. They also have a well-known son, Alejandro Fernandez, an actor in Mexico.

A talented singer is their eldest son, Vicente Sr. Vicente Jr. It was in 1963 that Vicente Jr., the couple’s baby, was born three months early. He lost his wife only a week after Vicente Jr. was born, which was a tragic turn of events.

Nothing else is known about his private life. Nothing about his past or current relationships has been made public by him thus far.

Vicente Fernandez Health

Vicente Fernandez is the subject of debate. In May 2019, he caused a stir when he claimed that he was ill in an interview. According to the Mexican musician, he had been admitted to a Houston, Texas, hospital for a liver operation.

The musician, on the other hand, opted against a transplant because he “didn’t want to sleep with [his] wife while possessing the liver of another man, who may have been a gay or a drug user.

Vicente Fernandez Controversy

It was disclosed in January 2021 that he kept his hand on the breast of one of his followers while photographing her and her family.

When the woman and her family waited for a while, a Mexican singer apologized to them, saying, “I’m not sure if I was kidding, maybe it was a joke […] I’m sorry.” The answer isn’t clear to me.

My apologies; I don’t remember, there were a lot of individuals (photographed)”.

Vicente Fernandez Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

With a height of 5’10” (177 cm) or 1.77 m, Vicente Fernandez is an impressive figure. Additionally, he weighs roughly 90 kilograms, which is the ideal weight for him (198 lbs). He, too, wears a 10 shoe (UK).

He has a fair complexion, brown eyes, and white hair. It’s easy to see that the Mexican actor takes his work seriously because he’s enthusiastic and energetic the entire time. He has a reputation as a tough guy.

Vicente Fernandez Online Presence

In terms of social media, he has been quite active. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all accounts Vicente Fernandez maintains.

He has over 2 million Instagram followers. One million people follow the singer on Twitter. However, Fernandez has a following of more than 10 million people on Facebook.

He even has his own channel on YouTube. In May of 2021, he had 4.21 million subscribers on his platform.

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Vicente Fernandez Biography

  • His first album, “La Voz Que Usted Esperaba“, was published in 1967.
  • Musician: He says that he is retiring in 2016
  • Vicente’s official Instagram account was filled with old pictures and videos of him.
  • His horoscope, Aquaris, implies that he is self-sufficient.
  • This man loves to be around people he cares about.
  • Vicente Fern├índez enjoys horseback riding when he has time off.
  • He’s a fan of guitar music.
  • Most of Vicente’s social media images incorporate inspirational messages.