Vanilla Ice Net Worth, Life, Career, Biography and More

Net Worth of Vanilla Ice American rapper Vanilla Ice has a fortune of $12 million. Among his most well-known songs are “Ice Baby,” from his 1990 debut album “To the Extreme,” and the front man for “Play That Funky Music.”

When “Ice Baby” debuted at the top of the Billboard charts, it was the first hip-hop song ever to do so.

Vanilla Ice Net Worth 

In Dallas, Robert Matthew Van Winkle had the idea for Vanilla Ice on October 31, 1967. When he was born, his mother was engaged to a man named Van Winkle. When he was four, his mother divorced the man from whom he had grown up. His biological father was a mystery to him.

After his mother remarried, Van Winkle was forced to relocate frequently between Dallas and Miami, where his stepfather worked as a car salesman. After learning how to breakdance at the age of 13, Van Winkle started getting involved in the early hip-hop movement.

He was dubbed Vanilla Ice by his friends since he was the only white child breakdancing. He didn’t need the slur, but it stuck. MC Vanilla, a pseudonym he adopted soon after, started getting into rap battles at gatherings.

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Breakdancing group The Vanilla Ice Posse was framed by Van Winkle in Texas. He was 16 years old when he sang the song “Ice Baby” for the first time. Ice competed in motocross in 1985 after graduating from high school.

When he fractured his leg in a race and lost interest in the game after winning three titles, he was contemplating a career in the game. While his lower leg was healing, he took advantage of the time off to perfect his dance routines.

While working as a road performer in shopping malls, he began performing his beatboxing and breakdancing skills. A friend of his took him to City Lights, a bar, where he was encouraged to take part in an open-mic night.

As a result of his popularity, the club’s manager wondered whether he was just an ordinary entertainment. Ice gave the go-ahead. While working at City Lights, he opened for N.W.A., Public Enemy, 2 Live Crew, Tone Loc, Paula Abdul, and more.

Vanilla Ice Career

At some point in the summer of 1987, Ice was injured in a fight outside the club. He spent 10 days in the hospital. After two years, he opened for Ice-T, Sir Mix-A-Lot, and other artists on the Stop the Violence Tour.

His director was impressed by Ice’s promise on the Stop the Violence Tour and the two began working on the demo tape. On the A-side of the single, Ichiban Records released “Play That Funky Music” and “Ice Baby,” respectively. A DJ in Georgia accidentally played “Ice Baby” instead of “Play That Funky Music,” which he’d planned to do.

“Ice Baby” wowed the audience. “Ice Baby” became an enormous success. As it turned out, Suge Knight and his guardians were dining in a West Hollywood café very similar to where Van Winkle was. At Ice’s table, the Knight and his guardians took their places.

After that, Knight showed up at Van Winkle’s apartment on Sunset Boulevard on the 15th floor of the former Bel Age Hotel (now the London Hotel). According to Ice’s recollection. If “Ice, Ice, Baby” marked the freedoms, Knight would have taken the necessary procedures to get rid of him.

Van Winkle renounced his power. That money was used to fund Death Row Records by Knight.”To the Extreme” by Van Winkle is the fastest-selling hip-bounce collection of all time. It went on for a long time that the collection was ahead of the collecting plans.

After “Psyche Blowin’,” “Difficult to accept,” “Bi-Polar,” and “Platinum Underground,” Van Winkle released five additional studio albums: “W.T.F. (Astuteness, Tenacity, and Focus),” released in 2011, “Bi-Polar,” in 2001, and “Difficult to accept.” The year before, he also recorded “Vanilla Ice is Back,” a collection of cover songs.

When Vanilla Ice acted as a ninja, he contributed to the soundtrack for “Young Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze.” To appear in the critically panned film “Cool As Ice” in 1991, he was paid $1 million.

Vanilla reappeared on season two of the reality television show “The Surreal Life” years after the fact. His DIY Network show, “The Vanilla Ice Project,” has been running since 2010. Ice’s property flipping adventures in Florida are the focus of the episode. Nine seasons of the sitcom have aired thus far, beginning in 2019.

 Vanilla Ice Life As An Individual

Vanilla Ice had a long-term relationship with Madonna from 1991 to 1992. On July 4, 1994, Ice attempted suicide by overindulging in heroin, but was saved by his friends.

Ice took a break from music in 1995 and concentrated on motocross and fly skiing in Florida. Ice was the world’s sixth-ranked low down fly ski racer at the end of the spring and had secured a sponsorship deal with Kawasaki.

Two children were born to Ice’s marriage to Laura Giaritta in 1997: Dusti Rain (born in 1998) and KeeLee Breeze (conceived 2000). Separate financial and legal standing Money made by Vanilla Ice.

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Laura, Vanilla Ice’s long-term girlfriend of 21 years, recorded their separation-related archives, which revealed that his monthly pay was $68,000 (about $800,000 annually). Besides that, we discovered that Ice owns 15 houses with a combined value of $5 million.

As well as eight automobiles and a boat totaling $3 million. Depending on economic conditions and valuations, his land holdings could be worth a lot more. Following this information, an appointed official demanded Ice to pay $121,000 in past aid payments and $10,000 every month until a final settlement is reached.