Trevor Noah Predicts Trump Will Post Dares on Truth Social

While the Taliban has a presence on Twitter, your favourite American president has been silenced, according to Trump’s own press release.” I don’t believe Trump is implying that he believes he is a part of that. For all he cares, the Taliban have nothing on him. CORDEN, JAMES

Last night, the site was briefly open to the public and was quickly taken over by trolls, one of whom created a fake account in the former president’s name and posted a picture of a pig defecating on its own scrotum. How do they know it wasn’t real? This is because it feels like a good fit for the company’s image.” CHRISTOPHER BROWN

Trevor Noah Predicts Trump Will Post Dares on Truth Social

It’s safe to say that this man is a legend. A free speech website was created by him, and right away, he said, “OK, here are the things you can’t say.” This is akin to having the first rule of Fight Club be that there should be no fighting. Please, no shoving or yelling! There will be no fighting here! “This is where we work [expletive].” It’s TREVOR NOAH!

Even so, you know it will backfire because half of the fun in being on social media is talking about the platform..” It’s TREVOR NOAH

A rule against disparaging comments? How is Trump of all people going to enforce this one? Because this guy roasts people so much, he has to do it at auctioneer speed,” he says. Treven Noah, the aforementioned author

More About Trevor Noah Predicts Trump Will Post Dares on Truth Social

The former president’s bid to become the new Mark Zuckerberg, Truth Social, is obviously a hilarious goldmine, and Trevor Noah of The Daily Show wasted no time getting to work on it.

Noah opened the show on Thursday night by pointing out that the reason nobody has heard much from Trump lately is because he has been banned from social media for inciting the January 6 uprising.

Despite this, Noah joked that Trump has been doing particularly well on the social media platform OnlyFans because he has the “largest boobs.”

The comedian then began making fun of Truth Social and its unusual post-titling system. Trump can’t wait to post his first “truth” on Truth Social, which he likens to a “tweet,” when it starts. No matter how hard he tried, Noah just knew what would happen next.

As Noah did his best Trump voice, he continued, “If Trump is tweeting ‘truths,’ knowing him, ultimately he will start posting ‘dares. “I said the truth; now I challenge you to hang Mike Pence,” the speaker said.

Then, Noah pointed out the irony of the whole situation by pointing out that Truth Social promotes itself as a free speech zone, but only if you don’t say anything negative about Trump.

Final Words

Trump and his supporters want their own social media app because they are fed up with Big Tech’s censorship. Noah displayed the section of Truth Social’s Terms of Service that forbids users from insulting Trump and declared, “And Truth Social is promising to be a free speech paradise, a place where anyone can say anything — with some exceptions.”

Jokingly, “I’m genuinely on Trump’s side here,” Noah declared his support for Trump. That’s his online presence,” you might say. Just as he wouldn’t want strangers to stroll into his home and ask, “Who decorated this place? “, he doesn’t want people to come on there and roast it. Looks like King Midas was in your apartment!