Trevor Noah: Addressing Congress, Zelensky ‘Knew His Audience’

That is correct, Zelensky included all of the most significant events in American history, including “I Have a Dream,” “September 11th,” and “Mount Rushmore.” The last time you saw him, he was on Wikipedia calculating how to do this: In the style of Zelensky, Pearl Harbor and Boston Tea Party are two well-known historical events, but what about the infamous Hulk Hogan sex tape? Theodore Noah —

As a bonus, “props to him, I mean he knows more about America than most US senators know about his own country. As an example, can you imagine their voice invoking Ukrainian history in the service of an inspirational message? According to an impersonation of a senator from the United States, Remember the vision of your founder — I’m going to say Daniel Ukraine? “, I said to the Ukrainian people. It’s TREVOR NOAH!

What I admire most about Zelensky is that he was able to avoid so many land mines in his research: ‘And now to 9/11, which as we all know from YouTube was an inside job.'” ‘” “I recognise you, Bush.” It’s TREVOR NOAH!