Tom Segura Net Worth, Life, Career, Biography and More

In the entertainment industry, comics of all kinds are able to distinguish themselves by using wit, humour, and mannerisms to their advantage. They usually begin by playing stand-up at local venues before moving on to larger venues.

Those that are driven to succeed take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way to show the world what they’re made of. It’s safe to say that Tom Segura didn’t waste any of the opportunities he was given.

To say that Segura is a well-known American podcaster and comic would be an understatement. Also a writer and performer, he has performed in five stand-up specials.

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The Bio Of Tom Segura

Tom Segura was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on April 16th, 1979. The only information we have about him is that he has two sisters and that his mother is Peruvian. After overdosing on ecstasy, GHB, and alcohol, Tom was put into a coma at the age of 18.

It wasn’t long after he finished his studies at the University of North Carolina at Lenoir Rhyne that he began his comedic career, which eventually led to appearances at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Edinburgh International Comedy Festival, the Just For Laughs Festival, and many more.

On NBC’s talent show Last Comic Standing 2, he made it all the way to the finals from San Francisco. The Bob and Tom Show was Tom Segura first foray into radio, and he went on to host a number of other shows.

The Ron and Fez Show was one of his previous gigs before he began podcasting. He co-founded and broadcasts the podcast Your Mom’s House with his wife Christina. Additionally, he appears on WTF with Marc Maron and The Joe Rogan Experience.

To date, Tom Segura has been in a number of television shows, including stand-up specials and documentaries, as well as shows that represent him. His short film 9 Inches was released in 2013 and he’s worked on a number of television shows and documentaries.

He has worked on television shows such as Cutman and Atom TV; films such as Mash Up and 30 Seconds Over Washington; and television programmes such as This Is Not Happening.

His five stand-up specials include Thrilled (2010); White Girls With Cornrows (2012); Completely Normal (2014); Mostly Stories (2016); and Disgraceful (2016). (2018). All four of these releases may be found on Netflix; two are full-length albums and three are Netflix specials.


Tom Segura has had his share of scandals throughout his career. Netflix has received a lot of complaints from people who want to ban his show.

Using the word’retarded’ in a joke has also landed him in hot water for alleged hate speech. As a result of this petition on, his jokes are now eligible for restriction. It has been his most contentious issue to yet.

Tom Segura Net Worth

He is reported to have a net worth of somewhere in the vicinity of $3 million. A $2 million estimate has been put on his wife’s net worth. It’s not out of the question that their net worth may climb in the near future because of how well they work together.

Son And Wife

Christina Pazsitzky, a fellow comic, is Tom’s wife. They married in November 2008. They’ve collaborated on a number of podcasts and live stand-up events. Aside from performing stand-up comedy, Christina Pazsitzky also works as a podcaster, writer, TV host, and hostess.

Hungarian-Canadian parents gave birth to her on June 18, 1976, in Ontario. Christina became a US citizen in 1994 after moving to the San Fernando Valley with her family in 1980. Both Ellis and Julian were born in 2018 to the couple, who have two boys.

Father, Mother, And Sister Make Up Our Nuclear Family.

Tom’s father served his country in the Vietnam War. He has acknowledged his father as a frequent contributor to his podcast series and expressed his joy at the prospect of being a grandfather. His mother is the same way.

His mother is Peruvian, and he has two sisters in a family of three children. Besides being French, Spanish, Peruvian and Irish, Tom has also asserted that he is a mix of all of the above.

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This is Tom Segura’s height in inches. He’s jokingly said he’ll have to lose weight now that he’s a parent in order to keep his kids from making fun of him at school for being obese. When he overdosed at the age of 18, it was his weight that saved his life.