Tiny Love Stories: ‘His Skin Against Mine’

Funny how things work out sometimes.

So, I’m in Charlotte, NC, visiting my friend Donnie. Apparently, he has a younger sister who resides in Manhattan. I tell her that I’d like to meet her. Donnie’s father passes away not long after. At the wake, I’m bringing lemon chicken.

In order to meet up with his sister Bonnie, Donnie invites me over. In the case of Donnie’s twin, Ronnie.) Totally mesmerised, my hand is shaking and I keep saying, “I brought chicken.”

to Bonnie for an absurdly long period. Donnie phones Bonnie a few days later and asks, “Remember the guy with the chicken?” Bonnie says she does. Wary of the situation, she said, “Yeah.”.” It took us another nine months to get married. On the other hand: — Bruce Julian.

Picture of Ronnie and I on our wedding day, with our friends and family looking on.
When the Time Is Right

A advantage of our two-uterus marriage is that I gave birth to our first child, while my wife gave birth to our second.

My trepidation rose as her tummy grew. The child I gave birth to has a special place in my heart. If we had two children, would they be referred to as “my” and “hers”? I didn’t expect to be able to tell the difference, but how could I know? After that, it was time to go.

My wife’s horrified expression was all I could see. Her limbs trembled in response to the shaking. The baby’s cries sounded like a cry. I snipped his umbilical cord and cuddled him. On the other hand, the feel of his skin against mine is comforting. I am his. We have him. Laura Abby Leigh

A Streaming Line

My father was Palestinian, and he died in 1988. I had lost my American mother to death two years ago. I returned to Jordan, where I was born and raised, and spent a year adjusting to life without a mother or father.

.A typical Palestinian floor pillow embroidered in wheat and earth colours was one of my last purchases before departing for the United States.

Its elaborate design served as a guide through my feelings of disorientation and loss. The pillow tore after decades of use, leaving rifts in the exquisite embroidery that echoed the severance of a loved one’s death.

Since becoming a widow, I’ve observed how the thread of love weaves itself into the fabric of life. She is — Lisa Suhair Majaj.

Life Is Good despite the monotony of the food.

As a married couple, we used to enjoy cooking together and stocking our spice cabinet. The number of bottles of spicy sauce on the top shelf decreased when our nest was depleted (too much heat for my husband alone).

I quit baking to reduce our carb consumption. The vanilla and cinnamon extracts were gathering dust. It wasn’t long before his vegetarianism was replaced by my Paleoism.

As a result, dinners became routine and uninspiring. Prescription bottles piled high in the spice rack.

Although retirement and the coronavirus have reduced our personal space, we still eat together on the majority of days. When you’ve got sugar, you don’t need anything else. Karen DeBonis, author.