The Secret Is Out on This ‘Bridgerton’ Star

At the end of the first season of Bridgerton, Nicola Coughlan shocked everyone by revealing that Lady Whistledown was actually Penelope Featherington.

When the second season of the famous costume drama Bridgerton premieres on Netflix later this month, all eyes will be on Penelope to see how long she can keep her secret hidden.

The Secret Is Out on This ‘Bridgerton’ Star

We get a sneak peek at what’s in store for Penelope thanks to Nicola, including whether or not she moves closer to her ideal man, Colin Bridgerton, and whether or not she decides to divulge her true identity.

The Second Season will Focus on Penelope’s Tale, According to Nicola Coughlan.

“Penelope’s second season is akin to the Britney Spears era, in which she was neither a girl nor a lady. Though she has progressed, she is still not quite past it. You start to see a lot more of the Whistledown side of her creep into her regular life after the big disclosure at the conclusion of last season. Penelope and Whistledown are beginning to develop feelings for one another, and it’s been a blast to play a character that’s nearly entirely different from the one I usually take. It probably won’t be what most people are expecting.”

“In addition to the thrill of being cast in the show, I felt an additional surge of excitement upon learning that the role I had been offered was one of the best in the show and that they had faith in me to do it.

They couldn’t decide whether to reveal it at the end of season 1, so we taped it months after we recorded everything else. However, our showrunner, Chris Van Dusen, called me and said, “We feel like it makes sense to tell it because of where we want to take Penelope in season 2.”

You Might be Wondering Why Penelope Invented this Persona for Herself.

“Penelope has always felt like an outcast in her family. She is a master of separation of concerns. She picks up items, thinks to herself, “Okay, won’t deal with that right away,” and places them on a shelf.

She probably wishes she could be as forthright as Eloise is, but it’s just not in her character. She reminds me of the greats of the past, which is to say, a lot of writers. It’s not uncommon to meet the most reserved person in a room who has authored the most outlandish thing you’ve ever read. The question arises, “How did you come up with all those characters?”

“Also, I believe she has spent her entire life in the role of observer. Even though she’s present, nobody seems interested in her. ‘I’ll get revenge on you by being intelligent,’ she would say, channelling Matilda. However, Penelope must stop piling items onto the shelf otherwise it will fall down.”

What can you Tease About the Developing Friendship Between Penelope and Eloise Brigerton (Claudia Jessie) this Season?

“This season has been great since Eloise is finally making her debut in high society; I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a long time, especially considering that Penelope was a social outcast at the balls last year.

She spent a great deal of time alone. Funny as it may sound, filming that may be quite isolated, since you literally just stand there by yourself for hours or even days. But now that Eloise attends the balls, things have gotten more challenging for Penelope, who, as the owner of a gossip-based firm, is forced to collect the tidbits in order to keep her company afloat. However, Eloise can’t help but be drawn to Pen.

“Penelope’s love for Eloise presents a fun challenge, since she is aware that the little girl can often get in the way. You get to witness them party hard and then sort of whisper about everyone else in society.

Do you Know Why Penelope hasn’t Revealed Her Identity as Lady Whistledown to Eloise?

“Penelope is probably used to keeping to herself because of her previous experience. Because she is so different from the rest of the group, I think this has always been a part of her life.

Her sister Philippa shares a relationship with her sister Prudence. Her mother is well immersed in the culture of today. Her father is no longer physically present, but he was always a figure of utter absence.

She is probably accustomed to keeping things to herself and is so uncomfortable with sharing. Because Eloise is free and easygoing in a way that she isn’t or doesn’t know how to be, she finds great amusement in her company. Whistledown merely resides in a separate region of her mind.

Any Hints About Penelope’s Romantic Prospects in the Second Season?

“Unfortunately, Penelope’s love life is just as convoluted and one-sided as ever. Since season 1, she and Colin Bridgerton have been pen pals while he is away on business. My guess is that writing is Penelope’s preferred mode of self-expression because of her background as a writer.

And I think she’s most comfortable being herself around Colin than anyone else. To a strange extent, even more so than Eloise. However, it’s clear that her emotions toward Colin lie in one area, while his are more on the other, more grounded side. Aside from that, she is very much a man’s lady.”