The Many Worlds of Rosalía

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A new album from Rosala, the Spanish flamenco prodigy and multi-genre pop creator, has just been published. For the first time since the breakthrough she had in 2018 with “El Mal Querer,” she has released a full-length album since that time.

Rosala has since collaborated with a wide range of artists, including Travis Scott, Ozuna, Billie Eilish, and J Balvin, all of whom speak Spanish. For some, her success has demonstrated how much leeway white performers have when it comes to embracing non-white styles and sounds. Rosala is now known as one of pop’s most sonically daring and inventive vocalists.

Rosala’s unusual pop popularity, her avant-garde approach to style blending, and the cultural politics of claiming multiple traditions are all discussed on this week’s Popcast.