The Godmother of ‘Plant-Based’ Living

When it comes to advocating for a healthy diet based on plants, Frances Moore Lappe is considered to be the matriarch. This famous nutritionist also happens to be a doctor and a staunch supporter of veganism.

She attended Johns Hopkins for both her undergraduate and graduate work, and Drexel University for her medical training. She and her family of two kids and a spouse have settled in the Bay Area. She entered the Vegetarian Hall of Fame in 2007. Her fame and success span the globe, and she has received countless honours for her work.

The Godmother of ‘Plant-Based’ Living

Said Author: Frances Moore Lappe

In spite of the fact that a plant-based diet and lifestyle have been around for centuries, they have recently gained significant traction. Frances Moore Lappe’s “Eating Routine for a Small Planet,” published more than 50 years ago, was a major impetus for the shift toward plant-based diets. This book was instrumental in establishing the subgenre of “food politics” in the literary canon. Simply put, Lappe became known as “the food activist.”

Veganism’s “mother,” Frances Moore Lappe, is a pioneer in the movement. She is famous for writing the best-selling cookbook “Food regimen.” In recognition of her efforts to better the lives of those living in poverty, she was recently presented with the Right Livelihood Award, which is similar to the Nobel Peace Prize. Still active and full of life at age 77, Lappe prepares hearty soups like Comforting Carrot and Onion Soup.

Many people’s habits have shifted since she published Diet for a Small Planet. She worked as a social worker at first, but now she prioritises ending global hunger and protecting the environment. She laid up plans for a healthy diet and a functioning democracy in her book. Lappe has added to her original principles and included more plant-based recipes in this updated version. But then, what makes her book so exceptional?

A. Frances Moore Although Lappe is revered as the “godmother” of veganism, her book fails to impress. Although many people have mistakenly referred to Lappe as a “chef,” the fact is that she is mostly known as a cookbook author. Ballantine Publishers and Lappe worked together to turn the political manifesto into a recipe. Actually, many of the recipes came from the public.

Frances Moore Lappe is Revered as the “Godmother” of Veganism.

Frances Moore Lappe, whose book “Diet for a Small Planet” became a bestseller upon its release, is sometimes credited as the “godmother” of contemporary vegetarianism. More than 50 years ago, her innovative method sparked a new food revolution. The popularity of a plant-based diet has skyrocketed since then.

When Lappe was expecting her first kid in 1971, she couldn’t stop thinking about a charbroiled hamburger. To satiate her hunger, she proceeded to a Smokehouse, where she had a charbroiled burger while watching the arrival of the man who would later assist her in editing her book. Both of them kept in touch with each other, and she returned to the Smokehouse for another charbroiled burger.

Vegan Dietitian Frances Moore Lappe

It was in 1971 that Frances Moore Lappe, an American dietitian, developed an interest in issues related to the environment and animal welfare. She challenged conventional knowledge in her manifesto Diet for a Small Planet by arguing that population growth is not to blame for global hunger.

The problem, rather, was caused by the over production of animal products in wealthy cultures, which resulted in the waste of resources in the form of grain used to feed farm animals. After thinking about it, she concluded that a vegan diet was the key to ending world hunger.

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She attributes her dedication to animal rights to the Fort Worth, Texas, upbringing she had. The college years were formative for her advocacy, as she also became a cheerleader for her school’s football team. Thereafter, she enrolled in a tiny Quaker university and started learning about animal rights theory. Both on television and in college lecture halls, she was praised for her chic wardrobe and smart remarks.

A plant-based diet has been shown in multiple studies to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Also, it helps lower the odds of developing breast and prostate cancer. These advantages have even been recognised by the American Dietetic Association. That’s why many vegetarians and vegans started out eating plants only.