Stephen Colbert Skewers Trump’s Covid Response

In the Words of Stephen Colbert

On Monday night, as fresh information concerning the Trump administration’s first response to the Covid incident was released in a book by two Washington Post reporters, Stephen Colbert begrudgingly brought up the former president. This is the most important point: “There wasn’t one,” Colbert said.

Trump reportedly proposed sending sick Americans stuck overseas or on cruise ships to Guantánamo Bay, as detailed in Nightmare Scenario: Inside the Trump Administration’s Response to the Pandemic That Changed History by Yasmeen Abutaleb and Damian Paletta.

At a meeting in the White House Situation Room in February 2020, before the outbreak of the pandemic that has since claimed the lives of over 600,000 Americans, Trump reportedly questioned his advisors, “Don’t we have an island that we own?” The question of Guantánamo arises.

Stephen Colbert Skewers Trump’s Covid Response

Colbert was astounded when Trump “intended to send cruise ship passengers to Gitmo.” Enjoy your day at the beach with a free head bag and pia coladas while co-waterboarding at the bar.

The book also discloses Trump’s fixation on US testing statistics, such as when he yelled at Alex Azar, the former health and human services secretary, “I’m going to lose the election because of testing!” Whoever ordered the federal government to conduct tests was an idiot.

Uh, do you mean Jared?” asked Azar. I am, of course, referring to Trump’s son-in-law and chief testing adviser, Jared Kushner.

Just try to picture being a member of that administration and having someone refer to you as “the idiot,” as Colbert put it. To use an NBA analogy, “That’s like being known as The Tall Guy on the court.”

Jimmy Kimmel

During his first performance in front of an actual audience (as opposed to just his team), Jimmy Kimmel acknowledged Trump’s Father’s Day speech. Those on the “Radical Left,” “RINOs,” and “other Losers of the world” were not excluded from the festive message. Someday, I hope, we’ll all be able to work together!”

Kimmel sarcastically remarked, “And by join together, he means ‘accept me as your one true God. I just get the impression that he isn’t investing himself fully in these. Melania might be spiking his Diet Coke with Lexapro or something.

“But thanks to Abutaleb and Paletta’s book, we’re learning about just how terribly our Kentucky Fried commander-in-chief mismanaged the outbreak,” he continued. Kimmel said that Trump had suggested sending detainees to “Geronimo Bay or anything like that” instead of Guantánamo Bay.

Naturally, the reality star wanted to ship them off to an island, he said. He would definitely send a film crew and label it as Survirus or something.

Stephen Colbert

And on Late Night, Seth Meyers talked about how the GOP’s growing radicalism is engulfing even Trump supporters like former VP Mike Pence, who was heckled at the Conservative Faith & Freedom Coalition conference last weekend. To quote Meyers: “Pence did not singlehandedly turn over the results of the election, which he did not have the ability to do anyway” during the Senate’s procedural confirmation on January 6.

Which caused the conservative throng to boo and chant “traitor!” while Pence spoke. Meyers compared it to the time Mike Pence, then Indiana’s governor, was booed after tossing out the first pitch at a baseball game in his home state in April of 2016.

‘Booing is one thing, but they’re calling Pence a traitor, and he attempts just to keep giving his speech and act like it’s not happening,’ he continued. If there’s somewhere that Pence ought to be well-liked, that’s the place. Even yet, he continues to face boos from the crowd. This is the equivalent of the Kardashians being booed on E!

“As Mike Pence has now realised, the key organising principle of the GOP right now is its inherent opposition to democracy,” Meyers said.