Stephen Colbert: Rand Paul ‘Randsplained’ His Vaccine Refusal

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This month’s episode of Stephen Colbert will be held at the Ed Sullivan Theater. The audience will be vaccinated, so at least one U.S. senator won’t be allowed in: Sen. John McCain. Rand Paul is a well-known author.

As a result of contracting Covid-19, Paul allegedly “Randsplained” his decision not to get vaccinated, according to Colbert.

As Colbert pointed out on Monday, Sen. Paul has been sceptical about the extent to which Covid’s shortcomings have been publicised.

Medical professionals must “prove that the vaccine is better than being infected” and produce antibodies, Paul added.

This is a Truly Egregious Misunderstanding.

Nancy Pelosi’s mask mandate has been criticised by a number of Republican members of Congress. On Seth Meyers’ show “the worst take” came from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (who sounds like she’s been “dragged backward out of a Costco clutching at the DVD rack”).

“Who has a history of anti-Semitism, used an absolutely insane and grotesque analogy,” according to Meyers, when Greene recently made the comparison between Pelosi’s mandate and the Holocaust on a podcast.

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More About Rand Paul ‘Randsplained’ His Vaccine Refusal

After Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul said over the weekend that he will not be getting the COVID-19 vaccine, Stephen Colbert rightly called out Paul for his lack of knowledge on the subject.

Paul had said that he had “natural immunity” to the ailment he contracted, therefore he opted out of getting an inoculation. However, as Colbert pointed out, it is not known how long immunity lasts after an infected person recovers, therefore the CDC advises that these people still get vaccinated.

In March of 2020, Some 14 Months Ago, Paul Tested Positive for the Virus.

Colbert made fun of Paul on Monday’s Late Show for his actions during the pandemic, including his public feuds with Dr. Anthony Fauci and his refusal to wear a mask in the Senate despite possibly being infected.

Colbert speculated that Paul contracted COVID because he “had been a bit of a sceptic of how severe COVID actually is.”

The late-night show then poked fun at the senator for being so libertarian despite his decision not to be vaccinated.

Just as when you decide to “microwave clam chowder in the company break room,” “your choice is going to effect other people,” Colbert warned.


Colbert referred to Paul’s explanation (or “Randsplaining”) that scientists would need to convince people who had contracted and survived COVID, like himself, that the vaccine “is better than being infected.”

‘No, they don’t,’ Colbert replied. To paraphrase Rand Paul, “They don’t have to prove that wearing a seat belt is better than being in an accident, that using a parachute is better than crashing into the ground at terminal velocity, or that inserting hot spikes into your ears is preferable to listening to him. It goes without saying!