Stephen Colbert Parodies Brian Kemp’s Version of the National Anthem

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Remixed Version of the National Anthem

In a Fox News interview this week, Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia garbled “The Star-Spangled Banner” in a way that Jimmy Kimmel described as “a statement about freedom that was so eloquent, I immediately started embroidering it on a pillow.”

“It is America, the country of the home and freedom prevails,” said Kemp, who went on Fox News to debate vaccine passports.

This is the land of your birth, and freedom prevails! Stephen Colbert said, “It’s as American as pie-ball and the mom and bars,” to which the audience laughed.

Remaining Thrown-Away Face’

This week, Mike Lindell, the CEO and founder of My Pillow, was turned away from a Republican Governors Association gathering in Nashville. It was implied by Seth Meyers that Lindell had previously been ejected from a venue: “He’s resting thrown-out face.”

The Best Parts of the Movie

On Thursday night, “Late Late Show” guest Emily Blunt played a game of “Can They Sing?” with the audience.