Sky Brown Dancing With The Stars

Sky Brown’s prowess on the skateboard and the surfboard has made her a media phenomenon, with her videos amassing more than fifty million views.

Sky, who began skating at the age of three, is one of the youngest women to participate and win a medal at a professional skateboarding tournament.

She uses her prominence as a professional skateboarder to promote a message of hope and empowerment to young women everywhere.

Sky Brown Dancing With The Stars

Sky Brown Dancing With The Stars: Winner of the Season

Sky Brown and JT Church made history by winning the inaugural season of “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors.”

Sunday night, a young skateboarder/surfer and her professional dance partner took home the gold.

In the grand finale, Brown skateboarded onto the dance floor for a salsa performance to “Light it Up” by Major Lazar featuring Nyla and Fuse ODG with their instructor Alan Bersten.

She loves to surf, so Brown, 10, and Church, 12, danced a freestyle to Kelly Clarkson’s “Underneath the Tree” while wearing Hawaiian shirts and Santa hats as a tribute to her passion.

Brown collapsed to the floor in disbelief after hosts Frankie Muniz and Jordan Fisher revealed the winners.

Later, she took to Instagram to show appreciation to her followers and share photos from the touching performance.

She’s got a wide range of talents, including performing on stage, on skateboard, and in the water. She’s in the tenth grade now.

Sky Brown’s Videos have been Seen More Than 50 Million Times.

She has been skating down steep ramps and off buses, and she is prepared to switch from the bowl to the ball on Dancing with the Stars Juniors. On Wednesday, ABC revealed the full cast.

Introducing Sky, the Japanese figure skater who has gone viral and has Olympic aspirations:

And with that, the first-ever winning dance duo was crowned on Dancing With the Stars Juniors: Sky Brown and J.T. Church, you two deserve a big round of applause.

Last Words

The skateboarding prodigy at age 10 has always been a danger. She and J.T., with DWTS pro Alan Bersten as their coach, did well enough in the first episode to receive a 22 out of 30. Sky and J.T. worked really hard all season, and it paid off with improved performance. Thanks for reading Sky Brown Dancing With The Stars.