Seth Meyers Wants Trump to Stop Complimenting the Taliban

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In spite of Trump’s claim that he would have handled the situation differently, Seth Meyers reminded viewers on Wednesday of Trump’s involvement in the Afghanistan war.

Seth Meyers Wants Trump to Stop Complimenting the Taliban

“Trump was going out of his way to congratulate the Taliban on their combat and negotiating talents,” said Meyers of Trump.

There is no need to give the Taliban any credit because they are the Taliban!.” According to Meyers.

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On Wednesday’s episode of “Late Night,” Seth Meyers lashed out at the “right-wing ghouls” who blame President Joe Biden for America’s depressing and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan rather than the cumulative, probably inevitable result of decisions made by both Democrats and Republicans over the course of 20 years.

It’s not surprising that former President Donald Trump, whose administration brokered an exit deal with the Taliban, has gone too far in his attack of Vice President Joe Biden.

The former vice president has moved on from criticising Biden’s performance and claiming he could have handled the departure better to complimenting the Taliban’s combat and negotiation abilities.

Because of this, Meyers began to quote dril. Saying, “The Taliban don’t deserve any praise; they’re the Taliban!” To quote Meyers: To term them “excellent negotiators,” as if they’re attempting to reason with a used-car salesperson, is especially absurd, as the quote above states.

Taking Trump at his word, Meyers imagined the president golfing with Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar (“Horrible guy, but I saw him eagle a par five from the rough”) and working as the chief of police in San Francisco during the Zodiac killings (“Bad guy, nasty guy, but you’ve got to give him credit for one thing: beautiful, beautiful penmanship”).

In another response, Meyers addressed former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, whom he claimed is “totally inhabiting an other universe.” A Fox News guest of hers claimed that “you didn’t witness crisis after catastrophe” during Trump’s presidency.

He remarked, “Well, she is right about one thing.” To paraphrase, “crisis after crisis was not something you saw on Fox.”

Meyers continued by reciting the still-amazingly-long litany of crises Trump caused throughout his presidency, culminating in the day he told a gathering of Boy Scouts about his time spent partying on William Levitt’s yacht.


Clearly, the Biden administration is not doing a good job with the pullout, but there is also no reason to believe that Trump would have done any better, and plenty of cause to suppose that he would have done even worse.