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Houston-based rapper Riff Raff is Christian Simco, better known as Riff Raff. As “MTV Riff Raff” on MySpace and YouTube, he became a household name in 2008 when he started posting music and videos under that identity. He got a spot on MTV’s reality show “From G’s to Gents” thanks to his popular videos.

Riff Raff debut album, Neon Icon, was released in 2014. Prior to the release of his debut album, he worked with well-known rappers like DJ Khaled and Mad Decent.

In the same year, he signed a $4 million deal to start a joint venture with Stampage management. He attended Langham Creek High School, although Riff Raff did not complete his studies there.

Riff Raff Net Worth 

After dropping out, he received a General Equivalency Diploma. The lack of motivation for Riff’s studies led to his dismissal from Hibbing Community College after just two years.

He dropped out of college because he was naturally drawn to rapping and decided to pursue it as a full-time job instead. This was the beginning of Riff Raff Net Worth, which continues to grow as a result of his professional accomplishments.

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Riff Raff Childhood

Horst On January 29, 1982, Christian Simco was born in Houston, Texas. Simco parents are Anita, a housekeeper, and Ronald, a Vietnam War veteran. War veterans are more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder than the general population.

Both of his parents had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet because they were not wealthy. Second in line to the throne, Riff Raff is the youngest of his siblings. From his mother’s side, he has German ancestry.

A member of Langham Creek High School’s basketball team until his senior year, Riff Raff played the position of shooting guard. He and his family migrated to Duluth, Minnesota, after his father was diagnosed with tonsil cancer.

Hibbing Community College in Hibbing, Minnesota, accepted Riff Raff after he received his GED and began playing basketball for the school.

In 2003, he dropped out of college and returned to Houston, where he worked as a car painter in the “candy-colored” style and started a new career as a rapper under the stage name Riff Raff.. To further his rap career, he moved to Los Angeles.

Career Highlights For Riff Raff

As of 2005, Riff Raff has been rapping and self-releasing his own music on CD. In a variety of Houston-area malls, he would leave the CDs. Texas artists Devin the Dude and Paul Wall served as early inspirations for the band’s sound.

There was a rush of auditions for Riff Raff, who was keen to be on television. However, he was unsuccessful in his audition for P. Diddy’s Making the Band.

In 2011, he signed a deal with S.O.D. Money Gang, Inc. as a result of his rising online fame. His Summer of Surf mixtape was published in 2012. Birth of an Icon, a follow-up mixtape, was released soon after. Since then, he has released a series of singles until releasing his debut studio album Neon Icon in June 2014.

To promote the album, he joined the Vans Warped Tour in 2015. He followed that up with Cranberry Vampire in June of this year, just six months after the release of Pink Python, his third studio album.

Family, Friendships, and Hobbies of Riff Raff

They include Katy Perry, Lil Debbie, and Red Lickerish as some of the celebrities Riff Raff has dated. As his fortune grows, so does Riff Raff’s home, the $2 million “Codeine Castle” in Las Vegas.

In a video for World Star Hip Hop, Riff Raff gave a tour of the house and showcased more than $500k worth of jewellery. There are many tattoos, including the World Star Hip Hop and NBA emblem as well as the MTV logo that Riff Raff acquired during the 2009 reality show From G’s to Gents tryouts.

“Jody Husky,” his beloved pet dog, was inked on the front of his right shoulder, before the BET logo was covered up with another tattoo. He’s a Simpsons enthusiast, as seen by the tattoo “The Freestyle Scientist” on his chest, which depicts Bart holding test tubes.

“Please, Jesus, let me enter,” reads a supplication enclosed by a large gothic cross on his left shoulder. Your son, Horst Simco.”

Riff Raff most memorable quotes

A well-known American rapper, Riff Raff, has made a fortune through his rapping. It was his innate talent, hard effort, and determination that made the difference. He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry, and he’s built a strong following among them.

While Versace sand moves slowly through the 24 hour glass of opportunity, I will no longer extend my hand in friendship. –Riff Raff. When it comes to making the sugar dance, you don’t get a second opportunity.

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Final Thoughts

After starting to rap in 2005, Riff Raff used the beats of other artists because he couldn’t afford to compose his own. After that, he started making his own mixtapes and worked his way up the music industry’s star rung by rung. Riff Raff’s net worth took off as a result of this.

Riff Raff is a household name in the US rap scene thanks to his unique DayGlo sound and past collaborations with Katy Perry, Diplo, and Action Bronson. This man was the inspiration for James Franco’s role as a rapper in the 2012 film The Revenant.

First, let’s take a look at where he gets his money from. The bulk of Riff Raff’s wealth comes from his albums. Riff also worked with other musicians on a number of projects, especially in the beginning of his career.

His acting credits include a number of roles in films and television shows. It is predicted that Riff Raff’s net worth will reach $7 million by the year 2021.