Reeling From Surprise Losses, Democrats Sound the Alarm for 2022

But DCC Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney, a Democrat from New York, was not questioning the decision.

There is no way Mr. Maloney and the House Republicans can allow Glenn Youngkin to get away with being all things to all people as he did.

The Republican victories in Virginia and New Jersey, which combined for a 17-point margin of victory for the GOP, were more shocking, but still not as lopsided as the party’s 2009 losses in the White House and Congress. In some suburban areas, such as Fairfax County, Virginia, where Mr. McAuliffe won his comeback bid by 30 percentage points, growing division has rooted out Democrats.

These suburban voters, who haven’t changed their minds about Donald Trump, may be impossible to win over for the GOP in the coming year. However, the growing division of the country has two sides, and the massive losses that Democrats suffered in rural Virginia and New Jersey proved that they were in severe danger of losing even more states and districts with sparse populations next year.

Democrats are encouraged by the notion that, despite this year’s legislative squabbles, they will be able to boast of substantial successes in the coming year.

Biden pollster John Anzalone stated, “When we’re talking procedure, we’re losing, but once the process is done, there will be a lot more talk about what we’re doing for actual people.”

But in spite of this, Democrats lost the 2010 midterms despite having an opportunity to promote the Affordable Care Act, in part because they were perceived to be too focused on the economy’s recovery.