Opinion | The Mike Pence Saga Tells Us More Than We Want to Know

Gail: The analogies are fantastic. In addition, it’s probable that you’re spending too much time thinking about Mike Pence.

As you can see, Bret works his way up through the ranks of the Republican Party’s Moral Majority before joining forces with the most morally bankrupt candidate to ever win a major party’s presidential nomination. When Phyllis Schlafly and Larry Flynt decided to elope, it would have been more logical.

While serving as Vice President for four years, Pence was the most submissive and obedient vice president in history. The artist Meat Loaf might have declared that he would do anything for Trump’s love, but he wouldn’t try to steal the election in open sight.

As a reward, Trump hands Pence over to a mob, who goes on the hunt for him and attempts to hang him. The idea that Vice President Mike Pence could ever lead the Republican Party in an anti-Trump path seems to be a fiction at this point.

Your argument has convinced me that Pence lacks the courage to stand up for himself. Look what happened to Mitt Romney to see that you never know.

Bret: Like Pence, Romney is a Christian who has a set of actual beliefs. I can’t see Nikki Haley becoming the Republican nominee. She’s not as Trumpy as she should be. With Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina as his vice-presidential nominee, I’m backing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Crazy?

“Oh My God,” says Gail. The best of both worlds. A “Ron Be Gone” movement is reportedly gaining traction in Florida. They might be able to incorporate a “Tim, Don’t Get In” into it. Alternatively, you might simply say, “Not Scott!”

As you know, DeSantis is a very astute politician. Aside from being close to Trump, he has also been adept at playing the media for laughs. Like Andrew “I’ll be standing” Cuomo, he made an effort to safeguard elderly homes from the pandemic, unlike the leftists who will never give him credit for it.

On the G.O.P. ticket, Scott might also take part of the black vote away from the Democrats, or at least make white suburban voters feel more comfortable voting for a ticket that progressives will certainly denounce as racist.