Opinion | Join the Comedian Michelle Buteau at a Times Event on the ‘Joys’ of Parenting

As soon as the kids are in bed and the teeth have been brushed and the stories have been read, join Times Opinion columnist and parenting newsletter contributor Jessica Grose for an all-virtual evening of comedy and commiseration.

It hasn’t been easy being a parent during the pandemic, and we could all use a moment to share our amusing and oftentimes weird parenting victories.

“Tiny triumphs” are what we’ll be hearing from you and other Times subscribers. A witty and relevant perspective on parenting is provided by comedian, actress, and mom Michelle Buteau. For any inquiries, she’ll be happy to help.

If you’re a parent, take a night off to recharge your batteries!

More About Comedian Michelle Buteau

On April 9, 2020, Michelle Buteau will return to hosting The Circle Game on Netflix. On July 24th, 1977, she entered this world in New Jersey, United States.

She was born to parents of Haitian and Jamaican descent, and she has gone on to become a successful American comedian, podcast host, and actor. Michelle had little desire to pursue a career in comedy.

Despite her best efforts, she was never able to break into the reporting side of the media and so instead she settled for a career as an editor and producer.

She was an exceptionally smart and intelligent student. She graduated from college after finishing high school.

Career of Michelle Buteau

she was an editor for both FOX and NBC. The September 11th terrorist attacks in New York, often known as the Twin Tower Attack, prompted her to abandon her career in journalism and pursue one in comedy.

Devastating images from the incident troubled her, and she quickly left her work to pursue something less stressful. As a result, she turned her passion into a full-time profession by performing stand-up comedy in bars and restaurants.

For years she was a successful stand-up comedian before landing her first on-screen role as the Golden Trailer Awards’ emcee. Fortunately, she was hired as Natalie, a coworker, in her debut film that year, The Story of Juan Bago.

Afterwards, she appeared on a wide variety of TV shows as both an actress and a comedian, including Key and Peele, The Tick, Dream Team, Someone Great, Enlisted, Always Be My May Be, Tales of the City, China, and many others. She has also appeared in Netflix’s Comedy Lineup.

Apart from that she has done shows like Gotham Comedy Live, Comedy Knockout and others as well. Time Magazine named her 2018 podcast Late Night Whenever! as one of the finest of the year. In the year 2020, she hosted the first season of the Netflix reality show The Circle.

Child of Gijs van der Most and Michelle Buteau

Michelle Buteau and Gijs van der Most have been parents for three years to their set of twins as of the year 2022.

Their newborn twins, Otis and Hazel, were delivered by a surrogate in January of last year. Both partners had fertility issues for quite some time before settling on surrogacy.