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About Lala Kent

Lauryn Kent, aka Lala Kent, is an American reality television star and entrepreneur. Vanderpump Rules season 4 has seen her become a fan favorite. Prior to this, she had starred in music videos and other films including Dudes & Dragons and Pitching Love.

Why is Lala Kent so well-known in the music industry?

Give Them Lala” was coined by Lala Kent after her appearance on Vanderpump Rules season 4 and her subsequent rise to fame as a media figure. Boy, her best-known song, climbed to the top of the iTunes Electronic chart in 2018.

Lala Kent Birth

Lauryn Kent is Lala birth name. On September 2, 1990, she was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Ethnicity is mixed in her (French, Brazilian, English, and Scottish). A Virgo, she was born in the United States.

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Lala Kent Family

The family of Lala Kent is a mystery. When Lala Kent was a child, her parents raised her in an accepting environment where she was encouraged to talk about her problems with them. Easton Burningham, her younger brother, is her only sibling. On April 23, 2018, her father died.

Lala Kent Profession

What is Lala Kent profession? Among her many talents, Lala Kent excels as an actress, host, and entrepreneur in her native the United States. After starring in the Bravo television show Vanderpump Rules, she became a household name.

In the fourth and fifth seasons of the series, she had recurrent parts. In 2016, she will play the lead role in the sixth season of the show. LALA, her makeup collection, includes a variety of beauty goods.

Lala Kent Love Life

Who is the man of Lala Kent’s dreams? No, Lala Kent is not wed. Randall Emmett, her longtime flame, proposed to her last year and they are now engaged.

In 2016, the two began dating. Their engagement was announced just days before Lala Kent’s birthday, on September 1, 2016. For the time being, she is content with her decision to propose to Randall.

How much money does Lala Kent have?

It was 1990 in Utah when Lala was born. Although she was raised in a traditional and conservative household, Lala had aspirations of becoming a famous actress. She received a few tiny roles in various films after moving to Los Angeles.

The role of Lala on ‘Vanderpump Rules‘ was her big break. Lala’s entire world has fallen apart since then.

With the advice and encouragement of her co-star James Kennedy, she turned her newfound celebrity into a career as a social media influencer.

But Randall Emmett has drastically transformed her life. She admitted on ‘Vanderpump Rules‘ that she slept with the famous producer on their first date. On the following day, Randall reportedly gave her a new Range Rover.

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Lala Kent Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the blonde bombshell has a net worth of $2 million and owns her own cosmetics line called ‘Give Them Lala‘ The podcast ‘Give Them Lala with Randall‘ is hosted by Lala and Randall, and her autobiography ‘Give Them Lala‘ was just launched.

In spite of rumors to the contrary, the reality star recently confirmed in an interview with ‘The Skinny Confidential podcast that she and Randall have separate bank accounts, putting an end to any speculation that she is his “sugar baby“.

We don’t have a joint bank account, and he does not give me a credit card, which is shocking to many, Lala stated. A lot of nice things have been bestowed upon me by him. He offers a luxurious way of life that only a select few can enjoy.

It’s possible that people think I’m just sitting around, twiddling my thumbs and having a nanny come in so that I can get facials, pedicures, and max out his credit cards“. Despite the fact that the rest of the world perceives her as Randall’s sugar baby, he sees her as much more!