Jordan Chiles has Unusual Off Day For Us Gymnasts

Teammate Jordan Chiles was catapulted into the spotlight when Simone Biles unexpectedly withdrew from the team final following a botched vault.

The 20-year-old Chiles was only supposed to compete in the vault and floor for Team USA in the team final. Because Biles had been eliminated, she had to compete on the balance beam and uneven bars.

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Jordan Chiles has Unusual Off Day For Us Gymnasts

The Basketball Great Michael Jordan inspired her Name.

Chiles is the youngest of five siblings and grew up in Vancouver, Washington. Her mother had her named after the great basketball player Michael Jordan, and her parents quickly put her into gymnastics because of her enormous energy.

Even at the tender age of 11, she was already competing at the highest levels, and for many years she was the only top gymnast in Washington state. She took home the U.S. Classical on the secondary school level.

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She was on the Verge of Quitting Three Years Ago.

Chiles had become tired of sports by 2018. Not only did she feel like she was stuck, but she had also been overlooked for international competitions.

Then Simone Biles had an idea: Chiles should relocate to Texas to train at the gym that Biles had opened. Biles would train at World Champions Centre with Cecile and Laurent Landi, who had a reputation for being both competent instructors and sympathetic to their players’ desire for a work-life balance.

After Chiles graduated from high school, she took Biles up on her offer to train in Spring, Texas, and the two quickly became close.

With the Olympics Postponed, Chileans had More Time to Get Ready.

The 2019 World Championships did not include Chiles. However, she immediately became a rising star in American gymnastics.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics would have been too soon for her to recover from the wrist surgery she underwent late in 2019. The postponement of the Olympics until 2021 gave Chiles the opportunity to not only recover physically, but also advance to the next level of her gymnastics career.

Her goal in launching Melanin Drip Clothing Co. was to “urge others to LOVE and be PROUD of every inch of themselves,” as the slogan puts it.

Chiles finished in third place in the Olympic Trials a month ago, and thus, she was automatically selected as one of the four members of the United States squad that will compete in the Olympics.

Team USA Gets Silver

The U.S. team’s dream of winning a miraculous gold medal without Biles ended in disappointment.

Chiles performed flawlessly in her bars and beam routines. However, during Team USA’s final rotation, Chiles’ feet went out from beneath her on her third tumbling pass and she fell to the floor.

After falling behind Russia by more than a point after Biles’s poor vault in the first rotation, the United States fell farther behind after the floor routines, falling by more than three points overall.

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Last Words

It was an odd and unsettling sight to see the best gymnast in the world sitting on the bench in a warmup suit. The American squad would win silver.

And after a less-than-her-best performance during qualifications, Chiles didn’t qualify for the all-around competition or the event finals. So for her, the Olympic dream has come to an end – silver medal in hand.