Jimmy Kimmel Recaps Trump’s Latest Rally

“So, you know, Donald Trump is back in the news.” Ron DeSantis (Florida governor) is a “dull” guy who has little chance of challenging him in the 2024 presidential race, according to reports. For reasons that are unclear, Trump said “I have to make fun of him privately because I can’t tweet it to his face.” — JIMmy Fallon

DeSantis has a “dull personality,” according to former President Trump, who has apparently been grumbling about him to friends and allies. I’m sorry, you’ve only just become concerned about that now? As though a rice cake had gone to Bible school, your vice president was like that. Seth Meyers

“I think Trump is losing his footing. He would have had at least ten nicknames for this guy by now if he had known him a few years ago. That would be the equivalent of calling him “Ron Dull-Santis.” the legendary jazz guitarist Jimmy Fallon

When two Floridians get into an argument, it’s not uncommon to see them both intoxicated and shirtless. CHRISTOPHER BROWN

It doesn’t seem to faze DeSantis, though.” He stated that he would deal with the insult in the same way as Covid, and that he would “ignore it completely.” the legendary jazz guitarist Jimmy Fallon

Denzel Washington was reunited with a fan after a video of their encounter went viral on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.