Jane Brody and Dr. Anthony Fauci on Staying Fit and Focused at 80

Who better to ask than two 80-year-old public health professionals for advice on how to stay healthy in your golden years?

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for the past 37 years, and Jane E. Brody, who has written the Times’ Personal Health column for 45 years, recently met via Zoom for the first time to discuss living well at the age of 80. They laughed together, talked about the difficulties of working out with a security detail, and shared tips for ageing well.

A wise man who will be 80 in December 2020 advised people to “take care of themselves,” including getting enough sleep, not allowing themselves to become overly stressed, and eating healthfully. Take pleasure in life, but don’t overdo it. Regular physical activity is essential. My long history of running marathons and 10Ks has been a major factor in my ability to maintain a healthy weight, appearance, and mental well-being.”

In her 80th year of life, Mrs. Brody concurred. She said, “I think you should keep up with it.” ‘How do you do it?’ people ask me.” “Well, I don’t stop,” I replied. It’s over if you stop. Don’t give up. It’s important to keep going, so keep going.”