Free Invitation Maker

Whether you’re planning a party or a social gathering, are you looking for a DJ? You’ve been asked by a customer to create a high-end digital invitation.

Most people get the same WhatsApp forwards all the time, so we’re sure you’ve considered doing something different. You may have chosen to use an Invitation Maker to create a stunning invitation card that features a vibrant image and ornate lettering.

Let us inform you that an interactive film would be an excellent way to pique the interest of your invited visitors. If you want your invitation to stand out, consider creating a movie that combines still photos into a moving collage.

So, why does this have to be done? The only reason for this is to clear out the clutter. This is the best method to make your invitation stand out. The proliferation of digital media has led to a wide variety of methods for sending out digital invitations.

Invitation Maker

Invite your friends and family to your special event with a free online invitation maker.

Invitation Maker

The free online video editor no watermark from InVideo lets you create one of the nicest invitation cards your friends and coworkers have ever received. InVideo’s digital invitation maker has a few helpful hints:

1. Template

To create a digital invitation, InVideo provides you with more than 100 templates. Various formats, resolutions, and sizes are available. Select the appropriate template for your invitation based on where it will be shown or sent.

Wedding invitations, birthday invitations, event invitations, logo reveals, and much more are all included in the templates. If your client has a specific request, you may be sure to find a suitable template here.

2. Media

To begin, customise the template to meet the specific needs of your client’s invitations. But if your needs differ from the pre-loaded photos and movies, it’s easy to edit them to fit your specifications.

It’s possible that your final output will be an interactive template that includes material that’s exclusive to your invitation. Once you’ve added the media, you’ll have the option to vary the speed at which it plays back, resize it, and even alter its animation.

3. Add a Text Block

Digital invitations can now include interactive and animated text, thanks to a new feature from InVideo.

Next, you’ll want to add some text to let your guests know more about the event and its features, such as the venue, time, and any other criteria like a dress code or an activity that will be held. This may be done using photographs, videos, and even GIFs.

The majority of your content here will be educational rather than creative. ” You might still deliver this information in a professional manner with the help of some well-written content.

4. Affect the Audience

All users of InVideo have access to a variety of fantastic effects that may be used for free. Fireworks, explosions, smoke, snow, and other effects are included in this category.

In these effects, there are a variety of options to choose from, so you don’t have to use the same one every time. These effects, when used in conjunction with your video, have the potential to add a lot of life to your invitation.

In addition, the movie seems clean and polished thanks to the use of appropriate effects, which is a positive indicator for your job. These effects are now being used in table fabric runners by the textile industry, and buyers seem to like them.

Firework effects can be incorporated at the beginning of a wedding or launch party invitation, for example. This will assist in pique the interest of your guests.

5. Include Enhancers in the Mix

Here’s where you can put your inventiveness to good use. It’s possible to combine multiple images into a single montage or image and then mix it into your existing text and animations rather than introducing a single image or piece of media.

Using masks to create a distinctive layout is another option for enhancing your design. Using these masks will alter the overall shape of your film and introduce a new type of material.

It’s like adding a dash of salt to your videos. Your material will stand out from the competition if you use the right amount of related language.

6. Stickers

Personalize your video while also infusing it with a sense of playfulness and emotion using interactive stickers. You can use the creative placement of the stickers and emojis to make the video more enjoyable to watch.

If a firm is trying to maintain a friendly tone of interaction with its customers, they might utilise the stickers to send out informal invitations. Stickers may be used in a variety of innovative ways to spice up your movies and make them more entertaining and relatable than simply using plain text.

7. Additional Editing Tools

It’s possible to further customise all of these choices, resulting in a new template separate from the original if you modify the layouts, photos, text, and effects. In each of these features, you can alter the length of films, their placements, playing rates, and the sound effect.

No one would ever be able to tell that this is an imitation of an existing video template. As a result, your invitation would stand out from the crowd since it would appear to be highly customised.


InVideo is the greatest free invitation maker because of its large range of options and several ways to create videos.

Using these templates, you may liven up the often-boring invitations that people receive and pique their interest in the event for which the invitation is intended. With all of this praise, you’ll be able to get through the same amount of work as you would with a standard Invitation Maker, all for a fraction of the price.

Now that you’ve learned about these fantastic capabilities, it’s time to put them to the test by generating your very own digital invitation!