In Margaret Atwood’s Essays and Speeches, Some Hazards of the Trade

He was accused of sexual misconduct and fired even though an investigation found him innocent. She jumped into the cultural wars to protect him. To which she replies: “Why have accountability and openness been presented as opposed to women’s rights?”

There’s also a talk about using Tarot cards to teach writing.

In “Burning Questions,” some of the most memorable things are simply noodled comments that make their way into your head. Child mole-ster, a career for children, was the first thing that came to me when I saw the phrase “molester” in a newspaper article.

Market research is a topic she touches on frequently in her writing. When Pop-Tarts first started popping in the toaster, she was dubious of the “breakfast confections” consisting of two clamshell-like layers of flour product with a glob of jam in the clam position.

Her essay, “Cat’s Robo-Cradle,” proposes a moral solution to the problem of feral cats decimating bird populations. To keep the cats happy, she imagines a funfair where they can play with squeaky catnip toys and suck on catnip sachets for the rest of their lives.

It brought back memories of a friend’s own experience. He’s broke, jobless, and losing his sense of humour. He’s on the verge of going feral. He believes he is ready to be robo-coyote’d at this point.

“The entire package” was the only thing that convinced him to convert to Mormonism when Mormon missionaries recently came to visit. His guests were bewildered. This included an apartment in Salt Lake City and a high-paying career, preferably in the book industry, which he described as “the entire package.” Mormons blasted out on their bikes and left a trail of dust behind them.

He won’t go to an enclosed amusement park.

Earlier this year, Christopher Hitchens stated that he required a rectal thermometer to keep track of how quickly he was ageing. At the age of 82, Atwood still doesn’t appear ossified. On the cover of this book, she’s glowing, and the best pieces in this collection have the same effect.

It’s possible to vape on the sidewalk during speeches, just as at any other conference.