I’m Getting Married, Mom. Please Cry.

When your mother decides to end her own marriage, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of normalcy.

If my mom gets married after you divorce, she may feel lonely. My mom nodded knowingly but didn’t provide any assistance. Her offer to contribute equally to the wedding expenses with my dad was wonderful.

I’m Getting Married, Mom. Please Cry.

I’m Getting Married, Mom. Please Cry.

A tiny part of me questioned if maybe it was for the best if we didn’t have any money for the wedding and just had a small, family-oriented celebration. Recently, I found myself constantly gazing at her face whenever we were FaceTiming or together in person.

My mom and I have been at odds for the past few years since she sold her business and relocated to England with her college boyfriend. The chain of events was stunning. It was a trying year for us, but there were many pieces of information that helped us make sense of her decision.

I tried to convince her to return the favour by appealing to her sense of empathy and self-awareness. She was quite selfless in expressing her regret, but my demands for more sincerity drove her to exhaustion.

The meaning was lost on me. Over time, I had developed a more sensitive side. I learned to tame my feelings while in college so that I could succeed academically and in extracurricular activities. I stifled my feelings in order to excel academically and socially during my time at university.

In contrast, I’ve learned a lot about self-care, limits, and vulnerability from Instagram postings over the past decade and am now stubbornly unwilling to suppress my emotions. She was sporting a straw hat as we sat outside, which caught my eye. Her face was freshly resurfaced.

She Needed to Stay Out of the Sun while she Healed.

What disturbed me wasn’t my own vanity. My mother is 60 years old, and it meant a lot to both of us when the wedding dress tailor inquired if she was my sister.

Even though I may not have good marital genes, I am glad to state that I have decent ageing genes. More accurately, she called to tell me she had returned from a spa session and that I should consider how much forethought was required to schedule the procedure 30 days before my wedding.

Her thoughts were still very much on the wedding and the preparations, but she also had a long list of things to check off that involved both practical considerations and emotional assessments.

She wanted to do more than just check in on how things were going by asking how I was doing; I needed our place settings proofread, too. I wanted a sobbing explanation of how hard it was for her to leave her loved ones, not a clinical breakdown of her skin’s recovery.

Next, I took my lists back to my flat. Before the prognosis was accurate for the wedding date, I checked the weather forecast every day and avoided desserts.

I calmed down by telling myself the mistake in the seating chart wouldn’t be noticed, that everyone was up-to-date on their vaccinations, and that I had no need to feel bad about the situation.

On that day, I kissed my fiancee for the first time. The two of us exchanged pleasant morning greetings before I checked out of our hotel room and got ready for the day. As a result of my months-long obsession, I was thrilled to see every last detail realised. Getting to that point in front of our closest friends and family was something I was counting down to. I couldn’t wait for the honeymoon to begin.

Even I was eager for bedtime. It was almost like she had paid me with the money she made selling her business. I’d felt the same way she’d built it for me my whole life. It wasn’t until her final few years in charge that she started to make serious changes.


For the sixth year in a row, he has been the bright spot in my day. I was fine, even if my mom and I didn’t have the miraculous recovery I had hoped for. The fact that this was, in a sense, “my wedding day” finally sank in, albeit grumpily.

Despite our differences, I saw many parallels between myself and my mother during this time. Unheralded and 18 months ago, it was her day. She probably went through a lot of emotions and sleepless nights worrying about whether or not she should leave my father.