Husband of ‘Sweetheart Swindler’ Sentenced to 85 Years for Bilking Older People

After a jury found her guilty of five counts of theft and one count of exploitation of an elderly person, Ms. Boltos, who is now 40, was sentenced to 263 years in prison—to be served concurrently as 85 years.

Attorney Eve Schatelowitz argued that the sentence was “unduly harsh,” pointing out that 85 years in prison is not uncommon in murder cases. ‘It’s a heartbreaking situation for everyone involved,’ she stated.

From January 2012 to May 2017, prosecutors claim that Boltos and Hill defrauded at least 30 people out of $3 million, many of whom were grieving the loss of a spouse or were suffering from depression.

Mr. Olmstead described her as a “perfect con artist,” and he was right. “I was taken aback when I realised she was playing a joke on me. I had assumed we were in a serious romantic relationship. That wasn’t the case, and she was taking advantage of me like a sucker.”

It was argued by her legal team that the people she met had given her money on a non-committal basis.

According to the attorney representing Ms. Boltos in her unsuccessful appeal last year, “She didn’t hold a gun to anyone’s head.” “Even though her stories weren’t true, they didn’t lose the ability to say no to her. None of them could come up with an answer other than “I don’t want to give you money.”

Her victims were deceived by the same tricks that she used, according to the DA’s office and the local media. She has been referred to as “the sweetheart swindler” by the district attorney’s office and the media.

A dating website, an aeroplane, or even the grocery store would be where she met people over the age of 65. Prosecutors claimed she would approach them and begin a conversation with them about God, love, and her desire to be with them and watch them raise her children. As a result, she would concoct scenarios in which she and her “brother” would need money right away.