How a Dollar General Employee Went Viral on Tiktok

A former Dollar General worker in Tampa claims she was let go because of the content of her TikTok videos.

Mary Gundel was eventually let off from her employment after she posted a series of films detailing her difficulties there. She was willing to take a chance since she believed things may improve.

How a Dollar General Employee Went Viral on Tiktok

Her Videos have Just Gone Viral, But that isn’t her Ultimate Goal.

“It’s time to make Dollar General answer for their actions,” Gundel remarked. We hope they’ll evolve.

The manager of a Dollar General shop was upset and felt undervalued in March. She claims that she often had to work alone since there weren’t enough shifts available for other employees, and that the workplace was generally unsafe.

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She joined the TikTok community and immediately began discussing the trials. One of her videos became viral and ended up with a million views.

This is the Complete Statement From Dollar General:

Dollar General is dedicated to creating a workplace where all employees may develop professionally and feel acknowledged and respected. Any time an employee feels we have fallen short of these standards, it is a source of great disappointment for us, and we use it as a chance to improve by listening and learning.

Our top objective is keeping an open channel of communication with all of our staff members. Our open-door policy and regular engagement surveys are just two of the many channels through which we give our colleagues a chance to share their thoughts and opinions.

Incorporating this information into our efforts to create a more positive work environment and to better meet the needs of our staff, our clients, and our local communities. Further, we regularly assess the staffing levels at each store to ensure we’re meeting the demands of the neighbourhoods we serve.

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Last Words

While we cannot and will not discuss individual employees, we strongly disagree that Ms. Gundel’s dismissal was in any way wrong. Ms. Gundel was informed of the Company’s policy against disclosing confidential or proprietary information prior to her termination because of her actions.