Former Child Star Amanda Bynes is Freed From Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes, an actor, was recently discharged from a court conservatorship that had given her parents control of her life and finances for nearly nine years.

The conservatorship was ended on Tuesday in Oxnard, Southern California, by Judge Roger Lund of Ventura County Superior Court, according to her lawyer David A. Esquibias.

Former Child Star Amanda Bynes is Freed From Conservatorship

Former Child Star Amanda Bynes is Freed From Conservatorship

The conservatorship is no longer necessary, the court finds, and there are no longer any grounds for establishing a conservatorship of the person, as stated in the court records prepared by Mr. Lund prior to his ruling.

Bynes, now 35, rose to popularity on two Nickelodeon shows when she was a child. However, she has since had issues with her mental health, substance misuse, and the law, which led her parents to file for a conservatorship in 2013.

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Mr. Lund stated this week that Bynes had shown she was capable of handling her own business, including her mental health and other medical treatment.

Bynes’ conservatorship played out and ended significantly more quietly and less contentiously than Britney Spears’, who had a protracted, often acrimonious, public campaign to release herself from a similar arrangement.

Bynes’s parents were in favour of ending the conservatorship, and the court heard no arguments to the contrary. Since the appointment of her mother, Lynn Bynes, as conservator nearly nine years ago, Lynn has handled all of her affairs.

Her parents said the court they were terrified their 27-year-old daughter could damage herself or others if they weren’t given power of attorney over her healthcare and finances.

Bynes, it was reported, had been acting disturbingly and was sure that someone was watching her through the smoke alarms and the dashboard of her automobile. Her parents were concerned that she was planning to have risky cosmetic surgery for no good reason.

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Last Words

Bynes was arrested twice in the year leading up to the conservatorship being set up: once in New York for tossing a marijuana bong out of her 36th floor Manhattan apartment, and once in Los Angeles for DUI, misdemeanour hit-and-run, and driving on a suspended licence.