Family Stress Intensifies as Omicron Invades the Holidays

What if the family gets into a heated argument over cranberry sauce? She advised bringing up the fact that everyone at the table has different points of view.

Family Stress Intensifies as Omicron Invades the Holidays

She also recommended taking short breaks throughout the day to walk around or do jumping jacks, as well as watching a funny four-minute video to lighten the mood.

Breath work, a technique that involves controlling your breathing to help you relax, is another useful tool.

The holidays can bring back painful memories that necessitate regular therapy for some people. As Dr. Danovitch put it, “If that anxiety is really spinning out of control, there is a threshold where you should seek help.”

This will be Kathi Nausedas’s second Christmas since the death of her mother and her second since her husband filed for divorce, both in Chicago suburb Lockport, Ill. To keep her two young daughters, Ava, 9, and Audra, 7, safe, she’s doing everything she can to keep them out of the fray.

Ms. Nausedas said she was terrified of the holidays her first time around. My favourite pastimes, such as listening to Christmas music on the radio, were a source of anxiety for me. Whenever it was playing on the radio, I’d burst into tears.”

Holiday Stress Management in The Midst Of The Omicron, Family Conflicts, And More

While the holiday season is known for generosity toward others, here are some ways to show yourself some love by putting your own emotional well-being first:

You shouldn’t feel obligated to take on too much. Make time for meditation, reflection, and decompression a top priority while making holiday plans. Avoid making plans with people who could have a negative effect on your mood. Consider questions like, “Will I feel better when I leave this activity?” and “Is this person helping me be a better version of myself?”

Be sure to eat right and get plenty of exercise. Many people associate the holiday season with a time of overeating. A healthy body and mind start with a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating right and getting regular exercise.

Make sure you provide a safe and enjoyable space for your loved ones to congregate. Follow the latest CDC and state instructions to make sure your holiday celebrations are safe and put the health of everyone first as we all continue to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep your hopes in check. Holidays when the kids are all happy and the adults get together and address all their problems from the past year’s celebration are a nice thought, but they’re just that: a dream.

Children will have problems, you will feel lonely and have confrontations with family members, and life in general will be a source of irritation. Instead than waiting for things to improve, focus on building on the relationships and experiences that have made a positive impression on you.

One of your greatest abilities is the ability to alter the story you tell yourself. It takes practise, but you can transform your outlook on the holidays.


Don’t forget to take a deep breath every once in a while. Make a list of the people who look out for you and surround yourself with them.