Fallout 4 Perk Chart SPECIAL Points

Seven SPECIAL stats and their related benefits return in Fallout 4 as they have done in previous entries in the post-apocolyptic open world role-playing game.

In the beginning of the game, you must choose one of your seven SPECIALs from one to ten, starting with Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence and Agility.

Fallout 4 Perk Chart

If you’re curious in how the SPECIALs work, you may check out the videos Bethesda has released recently. Assuming you don’t disregard the other SPECIALS, you have 28 points to work with.

As in previous Fallout games, you can choose your SPECIALS before the bombs fall in Fallout 4. However, after you leave the Vault and enter the Wasteland, “after you’ve played a little,” the devs stated in a statement on Bethesda.net.

Leveling up in Fallout 4 is based on experience points, much like it was in Fallout 3. It’s not like Skyrim, the fantasy open-world RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, which relies on a skill-based progression system.

But Bethesda claims that levelling in Fallout 4 is “closer to Skyrim” than it was in Fallout 3, so it’s not as slow. As a result, early on in the game, you’ll have more opportunity to level up and choose a perk.

There is no level cap in Fallout 4, but Fallout 3 has a level cap of 20 at the beginning of the game. In order to keep the game’s content and challenge interesting at higher levels, Bethesda says the game has been “balanced.”

A perk poster is included with every physical pre-order copy of Fallout 4. Let’s move on to the positive aspects of membership. Whenever you level up in the game, you can choose a perk from a new perk chart. It’s to the right of that.

One or more privileges are associated with each of the SPECIAL’s ranks, which range from 1 to 10. Up to the SPECIAL rank, you can choose any perk you choose.

The Intimidation Perk, which allows you to influence human foes into doing your bidding, can be selected early on in the game if you have a Charism of 10.

Bethesda said it has put a lot of effort on balancing the benefits independent of the SPECIAL level necessary, which makes this system sound like it will cause problems with balance.

A perk’s “SPECIAL” need was inversely proportional to how “targeted or exotic” it was for that playstyle, according to Bethesda. To put it another way, each of these bonuses is a branch on a larger perk tree, with higher levels unlocking further benefits.

Agility 10 Gun Fu, for example (your second target in V.A.T.S. takes 25% more damage regardless of weapon), enables for more damage to be dealt to more targets, increasing to immediate Critical Shots.


In Gunslinger, you can earn ranks that increase your pistol’s range, increase your ability to disarm your opponents, and even grant you access to limb-damaging shots.

Your character must be at a higher level to take advantage of the additional perks. As a result, “we can create some amazing perk levels that reward both your investment in a specific SPECIAL and that specific Perk,” Bethesda noted.

From previous Fallout games, perk rankings in Fallout 4 have been incorporated. The rank five perk for Iron Fist in Fallout 3 is Paralyzing Palm (paralyse adversaries by hand-to-hand), for example. The only way to get it is if you’ve already picked the previous four ranks of Iron Fist and are at least 46 levels old.

At higher tiers, old benefits have new uses. Fast travel and running while burdened can be achieved at the cost of Action Points with higher ranks of Strong Back (both of which should be useful for those who like to pick up everything they see in the game, like me).

As a result, there are a total of 70 bonus features, divided among the SPECIALs. Perk rankings, on the other hand, raise that total to more than 270. That’s a lot of benefits.

“The prior Skill system had some unclear components and ended up spreading your options too thin,” Bethesda explained, citing the modifications.

“Charisma or Speech Skill?’ was one of the more common inquiries we received. Are assault weapons included in Small Guns?'”

The associated skills of many perks were raised in Fallout 3. As an example, in Fallout 3, the Gun Nut perk boosted two separate abilities. When it comes to making and altering firearms in Fallout 4, the Gun Nut ranks serve as a sort of gate.

Sneak was a skill in Fallout 3, and you could level it up. Silent Running and Light Step have been combined into the Sneak perk in Fallout 4 to make it even more difficult to track you down.

Bethesda explained that by combining these two systems, the emphasis would remain on the player’s SPECIALS and their level-up options will be more lucrative.

Finally, the in-game magazines you’ll uncover throughout the game’s setting will grant you special benefits (there are over 100). In some cases, an individual perk is granted, while in others a benefit related with the magazine is elevated in rank.

With Grognak the Barbarian’s 10-issue run, you get one rank higher in the Barbarian Perk, which increases melee attack critical damage.

According to Bethesda, “We think you’re going to adore this concept in action” after “many years of development and countless hours of playtesting.”

“It was the most adaptable and user-friendly solution that we tried out. An enormous challenge has been achieving a balance between all of the ranks and their respective efficacy as well as the SPECIAL rank and the player level.”