Emma Corrin Is Fine With Not Playing Diana to the Bitter End

According to an interview, Corrin talked about Diana’s death and what it meant to have an openly transgender person portray such an iconic figure. These are trimmed and condensed versions of the original audio.

“The Crown” received the most Emmy nominations of any show this year with 24, tying with “The Mandalorian.” How has it been received by you? Is it different from what you had hoped for or expected?

This is a strange thing, this expectation of something. Honestly, I’m not sure what I was hoping for. In a way, I was anticipating the pandemic with some trepidation, but it was a completely different experience. Because we didn’t get to celebrate the end of filming with a wrap party, and because the series was released without us, we were all isolated for a year, and then we couldn’t go to award shows together.

As a result, this is highly unusual. If it weren’t for the pandemic, I don’t think I would have been able to comprehend everything. This is particularly true of award ceremonies, which lack authenticity.

The series premiered and the cast was sad that they couldn’t be together, and I found it strange that I wasn’t experiencing any of it in real time. As my roommate said, “The most important thing is the work you’ve done — that everyone is watching the series and it means that people are completely focused on your work rather than what you’re wearing at different press interviews or where you are going.”

“The Crown” delves into Diana’s relationship with the media and the tabloids. What does it feel like to be a household name? Do you feel a stronger connection to Diana now?

It’s a strange concept to comprehend. It’s a very unwelcome and intrusive development to take place in this manner. And Benjamin Caron, the producer, told me that “Life will change a lot when this comes out” when I got the part.

After the role is announced, if you feel overwhelmed, scared, followed by people, or your picture ends up in the newspaper, use it because that’s exactly how she would have been feeling. “Use the excitement, use the curiosity, and use the fear,” he says. As a result, it was a huge help.