10 Best ‘DownloadHub’ Alternatives In 2024

Want to download movies, but don’t know how to. Well, we have the solution to the problem. DownloadHub is a website that allows you to download movies online for free and also provides a link from other sources over the internet to watch movies online.

With DownloadHub you can enjoy both options without any charges. DownloadHub does not directly host movies on its server. Basically, DownloadHub can be defined as a torrent website, where you can download various movies of different genre and even videos, in different resolutions.

The download hub offers a single download link as well as torrent download links to online movies. However, in order to expose the download link on Download Hub’s external source, you must first unblock your access by any means of your choice.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to use a VPN or a proxy service to unblock your access to Download Hub. Moreover, DownloadHub also provides an option to integrate itself with other sources available on internet and download using either magnet link or torrent link.


It is a website free of invasive advertising that will not interfere with your download when utilising the platform to download your favourite Tollywood, Korean, Hollywood, and Bollywood movies at a decent download speed over a good internet connection.

You may have few questions like, what are the other available options, are there any other websites that fulfill the same purpose, and what to do if DownloadHub is down or if you are unable to manage the downloads.

Well, we got this also covered for you. We have prepared a well-defined list of the alternatives to DownloadHub which can we used and will fulfill the sole purpose.

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10 Alternatives To DownloadHub In 2024

1. MoviesRulz

MovieRulz is a superior option for searching and downloading movies for free without registering. This site is a pirate movie site where you can find movies both Bollywood and Hollywood again for free. On the platform, you may watch movies for free and even search for and download your favorites.

The website includes a download option in all posted videos, and also a magnet link for anonymous download, to make things easier. If you are looking for a movie site similar to DownloadHub, we propose MovieRulz as one of your options.

2. 123 Movies

123Movies is another movie and music torrent download service that caters to all types of films. Despite the fact that the content is illegal, it is one of the most popular free movie download sites. However, the other free movie site listed above, 123Movies, provides a paid option that allows you to submit a specific request for movies that are not on the platform or movies that have a download link.

You may also use the platform’s live area to watch movies in real-time rather than downloading them. However, the 123Movies search box makes it incredibly simple to find your favorite movies, including Bollywood and Tollywood films.

3. 9x Movies

If the free movies torrent website is acting strangely or you can’t locate any of your favourite movies on the platform, 9xMovies is not a new subtitle for DownloadHub. It’s a torrent site where you can download Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free, as well as music files with no restrictions. At 9xovies you can download anything. Thinking of downloading episodes, audio files, or anything else this site should be one of your options.

The platform hosts movies on an external server and offers a desktop downloader for searching and downloading free Bollywood and Hollywood movies online. The website also allows access to movies in different languages and Hindi dubbed, Tamil, Marathi, and Punjabi movies.

4. Vidmate

Vidmate is a smartphone software that allows you to search for and download movies as well as view them online. This platform has a large variety to things to offer. The app is compatible for movie downloading, converting MP4 into MP3, and even downloading movies from other platforms like Twitch, Vumoo, and so on.

Just download for free and enjoy it offline. From Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters to brief self-made blog videos, films and movies from all over the world are easily accessible. The free and unlimited download function eliminates the need to worry about fees and allows you to avoid the problem of being unable to locate resources for your favourite films.

5. ShowBox

Showbox is a mobile software that allows you to download movies directly to your Android or iOS smartphone. Showbox syncs with the majority of top movie databases for free online download and play.

You don’t have to worry about HD movies or movie quality using the Showbox app. The app was thwarted a while ago. However, the software is fully functional for streaming movies on cellphones.

6. Coto Movies

Bobby Movies is the official name for Coto Movies. It is an APK programme that provides you facility to online stream movies on your device, either android or IOS for free, without jailbreaking. If you’re looking for a mobile app to download and view movies for free on your smartphone, CotoMovies is a good option. It has not been banned in any way, unlike other movie apps.

CotoMovies is a very popular application among moviegoers. This Programme allows customers to view any movie online or offline.

7. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is another free mobile and desktop client software option for searching and downloading movies for free online. This site is suitable for downloading and streaming free movies online. Popcorn Time is a free movie download and streaming website that does not require registration.

8. Snap Tube

SnapTube is a name that is quite common and popular among users. It is an alternative to Vidmate for downloading videos from many sources. The software is perfect for downloading free movies from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other movie download sites.

Snaptube supports 50+ sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, and Whatsapp.com, among others, and allows you to download FREE videos from your favorite sites.

9. Stremio

This is a portal with a plethora of HD movies available for streaming and downloading. If you’re looking for a decent place to download HD movies online, Stremio is an excellent option.

If you are familiar with Kodi, you will enjoy this free movie website where you can view and download HD movies for free. A platform is a popular software for downloading movies that include an add-on for easy access to movies on all platforms, including Kodi.

10. Cinema Box

CinemaBox is a free mobile software that allows you to watch and download movies on your smartphone. This app is a high-quality app for watching the most recent movies and videos online on Android, tablets, and Mac computers. It’s the app for millennials.

The cinema box HD’s finest feature is that it is compatible with both Android and iOS. This is one of the greatest mobile streaming apps I’ve ever used. It includes a built-in media player for streaming movies online and a “get” button for downloading movies for free online. The app search button is the simplest of all. It makes it simple to find any movie to download or view for free online.

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Final Words

The list is prepared by thorough search and trusted and the best alternatives have been provided to you. Hopingly, these alternatives to Download Hub will not disappoint you.

The list has enlisted the websites as well as mobile apps compatible with both Android and IOS or anyone, so even you have access to movies and videos even on your smartphones.

As, the site and apps are not legal due to rules and regulations and they may lead to malicious sites, secure your system from malware and any other kind of virus or fraud.