Delta Surge Drives Home Painful Truth: Covid Isn’t Going Away

He remained focused on getting back to his old self throughout the ordeal. As of now, he remarked, he has lost all of his faith in humanity.

Mr. Silva stated, “I don’t know when, or if ever, life will return to normal.”

An elderly California woman who had previously relied on food deliveries has returned to the grocery store after a long hiatus. Although her grandchildren are too young to be vaccinated, she was still concerned.

Ms. Burnett explained, “We only do outdoor things.”

Commissioner of the Chicago Health Department Dr. Allison Arwady gave an interview two weeks after Lollapalooza and claimed that she thought the choice to hold the festival was correct. 203 coronavirus cases have been linked to the event, according to officials. Dr. Arwady estimated that at least 90% of those in attendance had proof of vaccination or a negative test result, reflecting the demand that attendees provide proof of immunisation.

When asked if she was concerned about the health care system becoming overburdened, Dr. Arwady replied, “Yes, I am.” As for events in Chicago already postponed from the year prior, she said she saw no reason to become involved this time around. she said, “You’ll never be able to completely eliminate Covid danger.”

Eric Adelson from Lakeland, Florida; Benjamin Guggenheim from Santa Monica, California; Patricia Mazzei from Miami; Will Sennott from New Bedford, Massachusetts; and Deena Winter from St. Cloud, Minnesota, contributed to the reporting.

More About Covid Isn’t Going Away

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was bombarded with concerns that Lollapalooza was becoming increasingly unsafe as concern grew over the coronavirus sweeping the country.

For four days, thousands of people will congregate downtown without masks, in mosh pits, public parks, restaurants, and on the L train, raising the possibility of a superspreader coronavirus outbreak in the Midwest.

The festival was mandated to occur by the mayor.

The change in approach to the ongoing pandemic was mirrored in the decision to host the event, which revitalised a sleepy downtown at the end of last month and caused visitors to spend freely.

Chicago was a shadow of itself a year ago, with businesses shut down, schools prepared to teach online, Lake Michigan beaches closed by police, and Lollapalooza not taking place.

Despite the extremely contagious delta strain wreaking havoc in the South and causing spikes in all 50 states, mayors, governors, and public health officials have been cautious about reimposing restrictions in recent days.

Despite their being over twice as many new instances of the virus recorded across the country this August as there were last August, baseball games, music festivals, and state fairs have continued as scheduled, as have restaurants, gyms, and movie theatres.

As a result, many communities have given locals wide latitude to determine for themselves whether they need to return to mask use or alter their daily routines, social activities, and vacation plans.

Final Words

The United States is now experiencing a new depressing stage of the pandemic, one in which people recognise that COVID-19 is not going away. A nation that had been waiting for the outbreak to end must now readjust its priorities.