‘Apex Season 7’ Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Is there anything new in store for the upcoming Apex Season 7? The upcoming Apex Games season will be jam-packed with tonnes of new content, including a brand-new character, map, and vehicles.

Olympus, a massive new terrain, awaits Horizon, who is eager to put her bright astrophysics brain on the line in the arena. Soon, we’ll be zipping through the new floating metropolis on Apex Trident vehicles, and it’s time to start grinding for a new battle pass.

Here’s everything we know about Apex Legends: Ascension so far, including tidbits from the trailers and gameplay teasers.

When Will The Apex Season 7 Be Available?

Apex Season 7 will be available on November 4th. This allows you a few more days to finish outstanding challenges and reap the rewards you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Remember, once Ascension begins, a new battle pass with new tiers and rewards will be available.

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Is There a Season 7 Battle Pass For Apex Legends Available For Purchase?

The normal Ascension battle pass should cost 950 Apex Coins ($9.99/£7.99) based on past seasons. To get you started, this normally grants you access to a few Legend and weapon skins. Then there are skins, emotes, Apex Packs, and more to work on in the coming weeks.

In addition, the battle pass package is available through Respawn as usual. The first 25 levels of the game are unlocked, giving us a head start in stockpiling our inventory with valuables. In any case, it isn’t cheap: 2,800 Apex Coins is the asking price.

The battle pass package can be purchased for as little as $29.98/£23.98 by purchasing 1,000 Apex Coins and 2,000 Apex Coins separately.

Battle Royale Game Apex Legends 

In addition to the new season, Apex Legends is now available on Steam. You’ll be able to carry over all of your progress from your Origin account as of Thursday, November 4. Three Valve-themed fun charms can be claimed by logging in:

Charm of the Headcrab Runner
Gun Charms for Wired Companions

Apex Legends Horizon has a lot to offer (opens in new tab). In the meantime, let me give you a quick rundown of the situation. Dr. Mary Somers, better known as Horizon, is an astronomer and the Apex Games newest legend.

Horizon was hired to solve an energy issue, but her crew betrayed her and left her for dead once she located the Branthium crystals they’d been hunting for. After 87 years, she returned to Olympus, but her son, who she had left behind, was not there to greet her.

Apex Legends may soon see the introduction of time travel as a viable option for searching for him, given how determined she appears to be. The other Apex Legends in the arena will be Horizon’s allies for now. Here are some of her talents:

Black Hole: Create a micro black hole with the use of the newt technology
If you haven’t met Horizon yet, there’s still time to do so. To fulfil her ‘A Wee Experiment’ objectives, launch Apex Legends and click on Challenges.

Apex Season 7 is now live!

Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

It’s not every season that we get a new map, but we always get a new character. Ascension introduces Olympus, a floating city in the sky. Phase Rift opened up in Olympus after an explosion at a research facility caused by the city’s utopian ideals to fall short of their lofty goals.

Apex Games developers Hammond Robotics recently repurposed the former tourist attraction as an Apex Games location. The new map appears enormous, containing lush green expanses and steep walls with waterfalls.

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With futuristic skyscrapers and lush walkways reminiscent of a floating utopia, it yet has the industrial feel of an Apex map. Expect to scavenge for supplies in small buildings, or risk a bit of competition in larger hangars.

In order to spice things up a bit, Respawn has developed a new mode of transportation that allows players to travel between zones.