An Artist Who Brings Order to Chaos

Nothing lasts forever. It’s important to remember that entropy is always at work in the universe. Defending oneself entails continuous construction and repair. On a personal level, at work, and in our leisure activities. If we aren’t maintaining it, it will eventually collapse. The only constant is change.

Creating something larger than the sum of its parts is the ultimate goal of bringing order from disorder. Something that will flourish because additional people recognise its value and contribute to it.

An Artist Who Brings Order to Chaos

Would you not agree that this is, fundamentally, what makes us human? That’s why we developed such things as academia, the arts, and faith. This is deeply personal for me since I know that success in anything requires consistent, persistent effort. The point of leadership, in my opinion, is to do this.

I’m Sure I Got off on the Wrong Foot with this Significance.

To me, it was important that everything make sense. To that end, I decided to major in the sciences in college. It took me a while to realise that even my tiny corner of the universe was simply too enormous for me to absorb all at once. What I naively loved most was unwavering assurance, but in reality, there is no such thing.

Early on in my career, I worked in positions that required me to build or re-build things. Seeking to provide order and predictability to chaotic circumstances.

I was responsible for developing process manuals, operational models, and change management initiatives. There was always something lacking in the outcomes. To keep the wheels turning, someone would still be required.

When I Enlisted in the Army, However, My Outlook Shifted.

There are a lot of procedures in the Army, but they all have the same goal: to facilitate the best possible decision at the most critical moment. When you don’t have enough information to make a decision but you’ve waited too long, your choice becomes irrelevant. For the first time, I started dealing with reality rather than my idealised version of it.

I’ve learned the hard way that chaos can never be tamed. There can be no final result. But if I want to make a difference, I have to constantly be establishing order where there was once chaos. The potential for whatever form of arrangement you can imagine is enormous. You can sort your music collection in many different ways.

One individual I know arranged their music collection by year of release, with a huge jump from 1979 to 1990 that made their feelings about that decade crystal evident. This means that I am not insisting that my preference for the arrangement of things be the standard. Nonetheless, I intend to direct all of my actions so that they contribute to the realisation of my goal.

We might begin by making an effort to improve the quality of our surroundings in every way. When we spend time with others, we should do our best to inspire them rather than drain them.

Please add to the discussion by bringing up interesting points if you wish to comment on an article. Go for a jog and pick up trash along the way, like the recently popular Scandi hobby of Plogging. Do not assume that you must pick up every single item; occasionally just one will do.

The Next Step is to Figure Out How to Create Something Greater than Ourselves.

Collaborate, set an example, and get others involved. Sharing my ideas with the world is a way for me to contribute to something greater than myself. Even when I work alone, I rely on the tools created by others, the knowledge imparted by others, and the direction provided by others; nothing I accomplish could have been done without them.

Multiple times I have brought up vision as if it were sufficient to simply have a good concept. The only thing that matters is a dedication to working for a vision.

If you aren’t fully invested in anything, everything else becomes secondary. However, there is a long history of individuals devotedly following someone, often despite the fact that they disagree with that person’s commitments.

Bringing Something is an Essential Step.

Both the possibility that we won’t live to witness the end outcome and the possibility of including others in our ambitions are acknowledged. This worth is propelled by human effort, and its capacity for use is virtually limitless.

To accomplish this goal, communication is essential. The ability to convey your message clearly and at the appropriate level for your target audience is essential. When someone doesn’t get your point, you haven’t really communicated with them.

If I’m serious about my production values, I should be presenting these concepts in a way that facilitates their implementation for the audience. I owe it to myself to make honest efforts toward these goals at all times. Creating order out of confusion is a promise to always provide something of worth.