Why Do Snowboarders Wear Bibs on one Shoulder

Some spectators at the Beijing Winter Olympics snowboarding events may have seen that some competitors tuck one side of their number bibs beneath their arms.

A majority of people do not wear their bibs in this manner, with only one arm. Japanese snowboarder Ayumu Hirano, who won a gold medal in the halfpipe, didn’t utilise it.

Why Do Snowboarders Wear Bibs on one Shoulder

While Chloe Kim of the United States didn’t, Synnott Sadowski of New Zealand did on his way to gold in slopestyle and silver in big air on the snowboard.

Spectators at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing may have observed the unusual practise of the United States team members wearing one arm out of their competition bibs.

Why Do Snowboarders Wear Bibs on one Shoulder

Olympic athletes insisted that their unconventional bib placement was driven more by practicality than style. Of course, it probably helped that it became a fashion statement and a method to show that they were part of a broader team representing their country.

Pants for skiing and snowboarding are designed in the same way as shells, but you also have the option of wearing bibs or regular pants.

To a large extent, personal taste will determine which of these two styles of snow pants you end up buying, although there are some key differences.

Bibs prevent your rear end from getting wet and chilly in the snow and stay up without the need for a belt. Because they cover more of your body and do not have a waistband, bibs can be warmer and more comfortable.

Ski Pants vs. Snowboard Bibs

The first thing to consider when looking for new ski or snowboard pants is whether or not you truly want pants. Obviously you do. Wrong!

It’s not quite that easy. Skiers and snowboarders often look for pants first, but bibs have many advantages and should be seriously considered. Compared to pants, bibs for skiing and snowboarding have many advantages, including superior snowproofing, more convenient storage, and a more forgiving fit.

On the flip side, bib straps can get in the way of your backpack straps and cause some minor rubbing, especially if you tend to switch out your layers frequently.

We recommend bibs for skiing and snowboarding because they prevent snow from entering your jacket and sliding down your back, and because suspending your pants from your shoulders rather than cinching them at the waist makes them more comfortable and offers you greater freedom of movement.

And modern bibs are equipped with zippers in just the right places to make it possible to answer nature’s call without having to remove the garment.

Ski-Bag Experts

1. Extra Snow Protection

Deep powder days can be frustrating when snow keeps sliding down your jeans. When using bibs, snow is far less likely to enter inside your waterproof fabric shell because of the substantial overlap between the ski jacket and the top of the bib.

The most visible improvement from wearing trousers to wearing ski bibs is the added covering.

2. More Insulation Coverage

When it comes to keeping the cold out, bib pants are superior to snow pants. This is because bibs insulate not only the legs but also a large portion of the upper body.

If you tend to get chilly easily and are seeking for warm gear for the slopes, this may be just what you need.

3. Additional Storage

Ski bibs have a second pocket for convenience. Most designs feature a chest cargo pouch that is both watertight and concealed.

This pouch is commonly used to carry valuables like phones and wallets by bib wearers, but it also makes for a great location to store snacks for the ride up in the chairlift.

4. Increased Flexibility

Bibs also allow for greater freedom of movement. Bibs are preferred by many cyclists due to their snug fit and lack of a waistline.

Some people feel that wearing underwear and a base layer around the waist, and then adding snow pants, causes a great deal of strain around the midsection. In order to prevent this, bibs are a good choice for skiers and snowboarders.

Ski Pants vs. Snowboard Bibs

5. Lots of Adjustability

Bibs’ straps allow for a wide range of customization. When wearing bibs, the wearer can adjust the fit and feel of the pants by loosening or tightening the shoulder straps, however with conventional pants, these adjustments are not possible.

For younger riders who are still developing their bodies, this is a great feature to have.

Bibs may be resized to accommodate growth, making them a more practical option than pants for this demographic throughout the course of multiple seasons.

Last Words

Wearing a bib can make it more challenging, especially for women, to respond to the call of nature. Manufacturers of outdoor clothing have heard our cries for help, and have come up with ingenious solutions like butt-flap zippers and halter-style bibs.