Look New Barcelona Amsterdam Helsinki Aisnow

Barça, short for Futbol Club Barcelona, is the nickname of a Spanish soccer team based in Barcelona, Catalonia. As a football team, they are among the finest in Spain and the globe.

Look New Barcelona Amsterdam Helsinki Aisnow

A Swiss immigrant named Joan Gamper established a club in 1899 with the goal of bringing football to the city of Barcelona.

Look New Barcelona Amsterdam Helsinki Aisnow

By 1902, the club had improved to the point where it could win the Macaya Cup. By 1910 and 1912, it had also won the Pyrenees Cup.

On November 29, 1899, the club was formally established. When FC Barcelona first constructed their stadium in 1909, it only had room for about 6,000 spectators.

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Do you Like the Combination of Red and Blue?

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Cities and governments are rushing to implement algorithms to improve services like policing and traffic management, but they also need to come up with guidelines for how to use the technology responsibly.

Cities are driving an AI initiative to share knowledge about how to deploy AI systems ethically and effectively with other municipalities. This is what the cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona, and London aspire to do with the help of the Global Observatory of Urban AI.

Deputy Mayor of Barcelona for Digital Transitions, Mobility, and International Relations Laia Bonet adds, “We aim to become a knowledge source for both cities and scholars.”

The Three Municipalities Settled on Five Principles that Lawmakers should Keep in Mind When Buying or Developing AI Systems:

justice and nondiscrimination, transparency and openness, safety and cybersecurity, privacy protection, and sustainability.

The Observatory intends to publish research this year, such as an atlas of best practises for AI already in place in cities around the world, which will include Amsterdam’s guidelines on what cities should demand from private AI providers and Barcelona’s system for creating recommendations systems for social services, to demonstrate how these principles are implemented in the real world.

There will also be papers discussing how the technology was implemented and how cities have handled the tension between public and private sectors.

The goal of these guidelines and articles is to provide cities with a framework for creating their own AI application standards.

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Different approaches are taken even with this cooperation among the founding towns of the Observatory. Some cities, like London, are more open to the use of facial recognition than others, like Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Last Words

Ms. Bonet claims that the cities are in agreement over the significance of their objectives and the belief that information exchange can lead to more effective AI everywhere. Thanks for reading our article Look New Barcelona Amsterdam Helsinki Aisnow.